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I think my friend went insane.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongwaterson, May 8, 2010.

  1. A while ago i get a call from my friend J, he's like "hey man you wanna smoke some hash oil?" of course i say yes, and he comes over with his friend.

    I go out into his car, and we just sit there for like half an hour, J is like tripping out or something and hes just staring blankly into the distance, finally he's like "alright ... maan... lets roll.. this joint.." I was kind of confused becuse we werent even rolling a joint we were smoking hash oil.

    We go up into my treehouse finally (most chill place in the island) and were just sitting there waiting for him to load the shit up. Hes just talking nonsense and in the middle of his sentences he like falls asleep, then wakes up and keeps talking nonsense.

    He has this huuge jar with like the smallest bit of hash oil in it lol, and hes trying to reach into it to load it into a bowl, but he just keeps failing. Me and his friend are just sitting there talking and waiting, but he never succeeds to grab it.

    He's like passing out and then waking up speeking nonsense. Finally he manages to grab the piece of hash oil, gets it out of the jar, and drops it onto his shirt. He doesnt notice and passes out again. Wakes up, speaks gibberish, passes out about 5 more times, repeats the scenario.

    Finally he's just like "shoots man... we gotta go..." and they both leave.

    So now im just sitting in the tree house like "wtf just happened?" he never even loaded the oil, and im sure he lost it.

  2. lol sounds like he was nodding out.
  3. Sounds to me that your friend took some sort of pills.
  4. This blade is no kiddin'
  5. Theres your problem, he killed the jar before he came over.:eek:
  6. I dont think any amount of hash oil would do that lol
  7. dam i wanna smoke in a tree house....
  8. its the most chill place to smoke brah, its like a room just up in a tree you can see everything from there its awesome.

    I used to have a sound system in there and we would blast tunes while smokin but it broke..

    but that shit was fuckin awesome
  9. I agree.
  10. yeah he probably did lol.

  11. Newest item on my list of things to do before I do: smoke in a fucking treehouse

    (I envy you)

    And yeah, your friend sounds either tired or super fucked up (or both).
  12. Not really sure why this is so hilarious to me. But, I just laughed for about 20 minutes straight. :laughing:
  13. well, it IS pretty funny...
  14. i dont blame you, it was hard to not laugh at the time lol
  15. He was prolly on fucking percocet 80's
  16. I want what he's having. :smoking:
  17. sounds like ur buddy took some ambien..
  18. i thinki t actually might of been the percocet or however you spell it because i gave some of it to him to sell from my surgery and im pretty sure he took some of it.
  19. Doesn't sound like percocet to me...from what I read it seemed more like xanax or something like that.
  20. im guessing it was both judging from the shit this kid does.

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