I think my "friend" stole my phone.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nag Hamadi, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. So I wanted a half O last night, and the guy offered to drive it to me. Well he got here, and he had my friend "J" with him.

    A little background on J. Early this year he started getting into meth. Just before that he always talked down on meth like it absolutely disgusted him. Well he's pretty much broke all the time now and thinks that stealing from people is the right way to get money. He stole a really expensive camera from a guy then tried to sell it to another friend of ours. Everytime he's around something that he wants (beer, bud, cigarettes, money, cell phones, cameras, and who knows what else he's stolen) he just steals it, and he doesn't mind stealing from friends.

    Anyway, I guess I was holding my phone in my hand when I got in the car and must've set it on the seat. We did business, then they dropped me off a block away so to not look suspicious. I came inside and realized I didn't have my phone, so I looked around for it and couldn't find it. I called it a couple times, and the second time J answered it. I asked him if he could bring it back to me in exchange for some gas money. He said something like they had to meet a guy that was leaving soon and that he'd get it back to me in about 30 minutes. I told him to call my house phone and he said he would "for sure." So well over 30 minutes passes by, and of course he hasn't called me. Then I remembered how much of a thief he's become (I haven't hung out with him more than a couple times since we started being 'friends' again) and the fact that he doesn't have his own phone and he's a bum. I tried calling it about 20 minutes ago and no answer. I feel more disrespected right now than I have in a long time. I guess it's partially my fault for not paying more attention to my shit but there's no way in hell I'd ever do that to anyone, let alone someone that I call my friend.
  2. Fuck sheisty people man. I've probably been stolen from more than anyone I know when it comes to random drugs and personal stashes disappearing. It is fucked that you have to keep such a persevering eye on all your shit, but if you don't you better believe not everyone has morals so they will jack it. Hope you get it back. :mad:
  3. I personally would go to his house or where ever he is who the fuck knows with meth heads but ask him about it and if he doesnt give it back or says "he lost it" or some shit like that i would jack the fuck outta him. Beat the piss outta him. In the future try to avoid "J" and if you do HAVE to see him dont take anything with but necessities and keep your shit in ur pockets.
  4. Might be too late because he could have pawned it by now but seriously, go to his house or whatever, and knock the shit out of him. Bring a few of your friends along. You should've threatened him while on the phone with him in the first place so it's probably too late now, but... make you feel really good.
  5. I had an asshole "friend" like that once. His name was Tyson.

    He would show up smoking sessions and never bring weed, he would hog bowls, he'd eat everyone's munchies, just all around rude manners, but we kept our mouths shut because we dont wanna get into a big scuffle over nothing.

    Then our shit started disappearing. My nice ass pipe disappeared, my best friend's expensive badass bong disappeared, 120$ cash i'd left on my kitchen counter disappeared.

    We ended up tracking it back to Tyson, we beat his ass(well, i did, my friends and i dont gang beat people), i busted my knuckles over his head, my hand was bleeding almost as much as his head.

    That was last friday, he swore he'd get some of his mates to come kick my ass, but so far nothing has happened. Still, my best mate is insisting on him stayin with me until this crap blows over.

    You gotta deal with "J" the way i dealt with Tyson, he wont respond to words, only knuckles.
  6. Your one bad ass Canadian not even being sarcastic

  7. Hah, not all Canadians are peaceful :p

    Nah man, its my best friend who's badass, he's got 10x the stones that i do.

    Plus he's bigger and tougher than me.

    Thanks for the props tho :wave:

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