i think my dugout is stealing my weed

Discussion in 'General' started by itstweekybaby, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. the fucking dugout keeps stealing my shit like ill put a gram in it ill pack a couple of one hitters then BAM i look and no more weed dayymmm bro im sad =[
  2. sounds like you need to learn how to properly light a bowl, u must be one of those smokers who'll torch a bowl even if its already rollin (rollin= will burn from just inhaling, doesnt need lit)

    man i fuckin hate when people light the bowl everytime they hit it and hold the lighter there most of the hit, once the weed has been initially burnt a lil u only need to put flame on it for like 2 seconds to get it goin

  3. Makes you just want to smack a bitch. :smoking:
  4. yeah don't tourch

    if it cherries then NO MORE LIGHTER
  5. i hate when i read a post about something,,,then go too post my 2 cents on the sub......then i scroll down,,,,and see that its already posted....thats what i fucking hate
  6. Yeah dude are you torching your cherries?

    No need to re-light every hit.

    If i have a good salad bowl i'll spark it MAYBE twice.

    Usually only need it once.
  7. I hate torchers, I dont say nothing if its there bud but if its my bud I will tell you dont fucking torch that shit

  8. lmfao....that happens to me too +rep for making me laugh the fuck out loud
  9. banned!
    but yeah, probably just lighting the bowl wrong.
  10. wtf why was Face McPalm banned?
  11. probably had something to do with constant insults, and accusations towards the wrong people.
  12. ooo I was thinking of some one else lol....
  13. add him to the list.
  14. i think if i post in this thread ill get banned.......oops to late
  15. what?? im confused. how can you torch a dugout? :confused:

    are we talking about the right dugouts? one hitters right?

  16. Thats what I was thinking...... you can't corner a one hitter..........

    WTF are you guys talking about?
  17. If it makes you feel any better ive seen people light bowls with those propane torches... they usually end up buring the shit out of themselves tho and i get a good laugh out of it.

    get a designated blazing light (preferably bic) and super glue a penny to the bottom, then after lighting it the first time hold the penny flush to the top of the bowl piece and this will keep it cherry alot longer, plus you get stronger hits i think
  18. [​IMG]

    people. you can't friggin torch a dugout ^^

    and to the OP. maybe you have to buy a new one?
  19. this thread is kind of weird.
  20. all i use is a one hitter, my batty. you either can pack a 1 hitter or a 2 hitter. i usualy pack 2 hitters. i break my weed up real fine, put it in a pile and press the batty into it a couple of times. then light it up for a few seconds and use your bics reflection to see the cherry. inhale till you have a hit and watch the cherry go away. light it up again and youll see through the reflection that youre near cashed. if it is all gone then a quick tap with the lighter will send the ash out. if you didnt smoke it all...the weed thats not burnt will be packed in the bottom still. good luck.

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