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I think my dog is seasoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by red hairz, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. laying on the bed last night and this horrible smell drifts up and smaks me in da face. Made me gag. I'm thinking my little rat dog did a doodle. It was that bad.

    But noooo. There was the big dog, laying there, twitching his paws and kinda moanin' and all that.

    Today, I went outside. Came back in to the house to get my keys. The big dog was at the door waiting on me. I opened the door and ran into a brick wall of shit. I mean it smacked me down hard. And there was this dog, sitting there smiling.


    And wagging his tail (or the stump that is where his tail should have been.

    How do dogs live with themselves...ssshhhheeewwwwwww
  2. HIGH All, well just be thankfull it wasn't in the middle of the night and you had to go pee and then stepped in it. Nothing would make me hurl more than that.
  3. being the owner of 3 very large dogs....who also have stumps....:D.... i can feel for you man.... except... mine don't go in the house unless they're sick.... why do it in the house when they have an acre to walk around on and shit up a storm......;)
  4. And that's why I have never, ever liked dogs, and I never will.

  5. you just don't know what your missing...... if thats the only things that turns you away from them....... you just have no idea.....

    maybe thats just why im not a cat person...:D not enough expirance with em.....

  6. Dogs just make me sick. I hate it when they look at me, touch me, lick me, or smell me....I can honestly find no redeeming qualities in dogs...none whatsoever.
  7. cats suck, dogs are cool, tigers rule them all
  8. the dog didn't actually shit; I don't think it would have smelled as bad if he had.

    I've locked him in a kennel outside for a week, on concrete, while I went to the coast. Dog won't shit on anything except grass. He's a good boy; he just farts like a mule
  9. think thats bad, try havin ya dog try to make friends wit pepe le pew. yup, and last nite, he tried again and once again, i had to sleep a nite wit the fresh smell of skunk (and not the good weed type either). anyways, i usually ground' my animals, especially The Cheat who really pisses me off even though he's jus my guinea pig. i jus hate it when he smokes and gets water on me.

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