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I think my dealer sold me Cbd weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ray420, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I’m a little pissed. I smoke bowl after bowl and I don’t even feel a little high. I’ve been using this girl for a while with no issues before. I kind of want to call her out on it because I bought a half ounce so it wasn’t cheap. Da fuck am I supposed to do with diet weed? I want to call her out on it, but maybe it’s just dirt weed? Does it seem likely that this could have happened? Cbd weed is expensive in a store so idk how she is making a profit if she is doing this. Ideas? Anyone else have this problem? How can I tell the difference between thc weed and Cbd weed you can buy at any store? It smells dank and it looks good. It just has no kick. My tolerance isn’t that high (no pun intended).
  2. Try different stuff, if you get a buzz, then her stuff is whack...
  3. next time you hit her up, ask her "hey, is this new stuff? because that shit last time was trash and I don't want any more of that."

    that's a semi-callout lol. at least lets her know you know something was up with the tree since it's not working right for ya.
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  4. Get a friend or 2 to hit it and dont say anything till after awhile. If there not stoned or anything. Call her out and find a new source .
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  5. Half ounce, that’s not cheap and remember this is your hard earned money where talking about, do what I do ring them back tell them to come get the weed it’s shit and u want your money back simple. Don’t let peeps rob u they’ll think they can do it all the more if you don’t say nothing.

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