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I think my dealer is cheating me... Is this dank?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dlmebag, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. So this is supposedly a $15/g Train Wreck...

  2. Those pics are horrible but it looks like dank
  3. cant really tell what it is from the pic but id say based on that pic its at least decent dank and where i live prob could be sold for 20 a g so doubt your gettin cheated

    you really blazed after you smoke it? cuz that'll answer your question to ya dig ha
  4. What was the point of adding the "pic looks horrible" part? As if I already dont know.

  5. Because there is no point in posting shit pics where you cant see anything
  6. then stop posting pictures when you know what kind of responses to expect.

    how the hell do we know if your weed is good? a little common sense please..
  7. Because I keep hearing people say "train wreck is covered in crystals." Also when I buy really nice strains from him, they dont even get me that high. So I'm starting to think hes bullshitting the names.
  8. those buds are def dank. nice find

  9. regardless, that weed should get you high, it looks fine to me.
  10. Whenever a dealer tells you he has some name brand bud more than likely he is lying, unless he gets it straight from the grower theres no surefire way to know. That doesnt mean that the bud isnt going to be good though
  11. That shit normally sells for $20, thank your dealer!
  12. looks like more than a gram and plenty of trichs, u aint gettin cheated
  13. U should deff be happy with 15 a g for that stuff.
  14. i find it highly negligible that your dealer would sell bonafied trainwreck for less than 20/g unless the buyer felated him at some point.
  15. wait... dont u have a medicard?
  16. For 15 /g i would love that motha fucker
  17. Well actually I chill with my dealer, and we went to the same high school so maybe he's hooking me up and I dont even know it. Either way I'm going to smoke a 2g blunt of it tonight and make my decision then.
  18. damn bro, moderation

  19. tolerance?

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