i think my dad wants to smoke with me

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  1. ok so yester day he showed me this oldschool turkish water pipe.He toldm e how it worked and was like we should try it some time.I was like ok and he said ha ha no just kidding.Nowq i jsut recently got caught by the cops aat school with the LITLLEST amount of weed and a pipe.But roday, he goes hey i stole sokme weed from gary, (my uncle) and he goes do you want a hit.and stupidly i said no thinking it was a trick.but i acually think he wants to smoke with me so later ill muster up the guts to say "hey where you serious earlier, or just trying to set me up". i dk what do you guys think and what would you do..and dont just say pussy i wouldve said yes.
  2. pussy i would of said yes, lol

    i dono if i were you i would do what you said just ask him later

    be like , hey were u just fucking with me or what?
  3. He wasn't trying to set you up.

    He wants to share the herb with his son (I think your a guy atleast).

    You got in trouble with it, He'll prolly smoke with you and have a talk about it with you. My pops did.

    I got busted with shit back in school when i was in 8th grade i think. (I never went to highschool. I now go to an adult ed highschool completion school.

    But we smoked a duby outside and it was strict there and nobody did it. I was runnin with Cash Flow and we basiacly ran the school back then since we all was young but people i hung out with was the hardest in the school. Many of us older then the rest from failing lol. But we smoked a blunt otuside. My shit. Walked inside and they smelled weed on us. We aient care. Nuttin on us.

    One dude we aient know well but he threw me 10 to smokea blunt so i was down.

    He ends up going otuside and showin them where we stashed the roach. MIddle of winter so we stashed it under snow and he still found it.

    That was enough to get us in trouble.

    So i took the blame, I dont want my homie going to jail, The other dude who found the roach i wish he went to jail. But he fessed the whole story. Me n my homie aient say a word.

    I got arrested. Almost kicked outta school but i dropped out before they kicked me out to piss them off.

    So to the point of this...

    My pops smoked me up then. Jus me n him, In the garage. A man to man talk. Told me smoking weed is fun, But blah blah blah. To be careful, He wants me to give him money to buy weed for me. Only smoke athome after 9-10 at night. Blah blah blah. But at the time it was the shit. I was finally allowed to smoke at home n shit. N smoke with him and next time it was with my brother too.

    Now i smoke whenever i want. I always buy my own bags and i do bussiness too. I usually hook him up now. I get good shit for way cheaper. He used to pay 200 a O for good shit. I got him a connect on it for 150 a O same shit later on and he stuck with that. Jus finally conviced him to my newest connect for 200 for 2 o's of pretty much same good weed. If single a bill twenty so i dont do that ever.

    But yeah, Smoke with him. Good luck bro.
  4. Ya, i dk.I think the biggest thing will be asking him if he was joking or not.I don t think he was tohugh cz he acually had some weed.But all he ever smokes out of is cans so if he says i wasnt kidding do you want it im guna say "Yeeah but we arent smoking out of that." lol ill tell him to get the old water pipe and make good use :)
  5. my other bro found out that i smoke, and he didnt even say shit, he just asked me what kind of shit i smoke. i think if i came up to my bros and cousin with a blunt allready rolled and offered to toke it up with em, they would accept.
  6. hell id smoke up with him. i doubt it was a trick. go get fucked up man :smoking:
  7. i woulda said yea too. even if my dad tried to trick me, oh well cuz HE had the weed in the first place and well, w/e point is go smoke with him
  8. man you missed out on a great oppratunity with that i would have but i see why you said no to
  9. dude, are you nuts? smoke with him! i would love to smoke weed with my parents!!!
  10. same thing happened with my brother...

    you see on christmas he older brother offered me some purp.. and around the time of christmas i said i was quitting because i had gotten caught twice and was threaten to go to rehab.. soo i declined and i regret it but recently i got to smoke with him so it was all good.
  11. you should smoke with him ,it'll probably be a good bonding experience.

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