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I think my dad smokes.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Joe., Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Go to CIA headquarters in Langley and buy some sodium pentathol. Inject it into his eyeball, and torture him until he tells you he smokes.
  2. I think he smokes lmfao

    I would ask him straight up, but then again when I thought my mom smokes I pulled out a twenty bag and said "Got Blunt" (Stole it from How High) and she pulled out an OZ and said Light Weight.....and we got high as hell......lmfao

    If you don't mind
    Check out my grow man ;)
    I hope it turns out good, I am going to be posting pics every 3-4 days ;)
  3. well my dad smokes and so does my mom. when i told them i smoked they said it was ok as long as they were not around. they always buy beasters and buy in bulk, and they say i can take a few nugs if i have to. so i'd say ask him, you may gain a new privilege. i never abuse this privilege though. that would be bad.
  4. my friend thinks his dad smokes. He saw his dad outside at 3 am smoking weedhe thinks and thn another time he said his dad smelt like it. My other friends parents used to smoke and even grow. They dont care if he smokes just as long as hes smart about it and is reposible, one time we were in his basement blazed out of our minds and his dad came down looked at us and went back up stairs. Than a couple days later told my friend hes gotta be more secretive about it
  5. Got weed? Lmfao I love that movie..
  6. Haha, it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I found out my dad smoked. Growing up I had people telling me that my dad did it but I always ignored them or told them they were crazy. It's awesome having your dad smoke because awesome to get really stoned with one of your parents.
  7. now that im in college whenever im on breaks me and my mom will share our stashes and smoke bowls together..i made her a steamroller out of a paper towel tube..
  8. maybe 4 patch jobs on the cigars? a whole in the side, cover it w/ a zig zag? i think u should smoke sum dank in his room then see his reaction wen he gets home n smells it
  9. Ask him if he ever tried it...pretty simple lol. If he tells you then its cool with him, but if he says he USE to then just leave it at that, he might not want to share that with his kid.
  10. Do it :ey:
  11. you should write "hi :)" on one of the papers
  12. Just ask him his opinion on it, it is a lot safer to smoke at home with your parents knowing, then out in public worrying about the police. A good way to bring it up would be like this.

    "Dad, I know you were around in the big drug times, did you ever smoke?"

    If he says yes, ask him if he ever would again, if he says no, then the zig zags could just be for cigarette rolling. Believe it or not, some people do that.

    If he says he would do it again, ask him if he would like to try it with you.

    Or if he is complaining about back aches or something, ask him if he wants some medicine, in a joking manner.

    You know your dad better than anyone else on this forum, but the above might would work.
  13. He probably does....embrace the chance to bond.
  14. I use Zig-Zag smalls for cigarettes, were they smalls or kingsize? That could be a decent indicator, unless he's rolling miniature joints....

    I usually get stuff like that out of my parents when they're drunk as hell, best part of that is that there's a decent chance they'll have forgotten in the morning if the conversation turns sour.
  15. hotbox your car then walk into your house and go right up to your dad. That should get a reaction either way. Its pretty much how I found out my dad blazed cause he was like let me get some of what your smoking.
  16. Man I wish my dad smoked! It would be bomb to rip the bong with my dad out on the back porch before dinner lol. A friend of mine just recently found an old bong, and a medicen bottle of weed in his parents closet, but he is hesitant on confronting his parents about it. I personally would mention you stumbled upon the papers, and mention that you have smoked weed before and would like to share the experience with your dad
  17. me and my cousins found a full sized freezer zip lock in my dads truck filled 1/3 of the way... i was about 11 and my cousin was about 12... the weed was also grinded up.. i'd say it was near a oz or so...

    then when i was about 7 or 8 i found ashes in the bathtub and the window open...

    then a few years back i've found rolling papers in his truck...

    i know he gets high, i just don't know what he does...

    he once offered me to try weed with him, if i wanted... if he ever asks again i guess i'll do it with him...
  18. i dont think you should confront him, theres any number of reasons why he could have zigzags. maybe his buddie leftthem at your house? who knows
  19. This is brilliant.
  20. It'll be sweet if you guys are able to blaze together. When I started stonin with my dad I felt like it sealed our father-son bond

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