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I think my Dad is smoking again

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lokio, May 14, 2010.

  1. So I just went upstairs to go to the washroom and as I come out, my dad comes in the front door. (I didn't here it open or close, so he purposefully made it quiet) He instantly goes up to the washroom on our 2nd floor and as I go to our kitchen, all I can smell is burnt weed. Not like a hotbox smell or a fresh hit, it smelled like the inside of a bag of hash (if that makes sense). After he comes out of the washroom he comes downstairs to the kitchen and washes his hands (a second time?). As he walks by me the smell increases, so whatever that smell was it was definitely coming from him. His eyes weren't red but kind of glazed over and half closed. When I asked him what he was doing outside, he replied "I was in my car, why do you want to know?" lol.

    My dad had been smoking cigarettes and weed since his early teenage years and he had to quit smoking because of his kidney transplant. He hasn't smoked cigarettes in 5 or 6 years and claimed he quit smoking weed about 3 years ago. I am now very, very curious/interested in finidng out if he is toking again.

    How interesting :smoking:
  2. I doubt pot would affect a kidney much.
  3. lolwut?

    I'm sorry, what?
  4. Same thing has happened to me it reeked outside even with a good wind blowing and My dad was acting different than normal. I want concrete evidence though. I confronted him and he said that he didn't so Idk. I keep checking where he used to stash his green but cant find it. My dad used to have the top of the line bud and i miss it. It was crazy smoking white widow for my like 5th time smoking I don't think I will ever get that high again:smoking:
  5. Smoke pot with your dad.

    Before its too late.
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    So, after smoking in my car. And coming inside to wash my hands as I typically do after I smoke (we all have our rituals, right?) I then realized that I was out of soap upstairs. So I went downstairs where I was confronted by my son, asking me what I was doing..
  7. I walked in on my dad smoking a joint he just smiled and said "What??". I thought it was a square at first then he asked if i wanted a hit and then i knew...:smoking::hello:

    Hands down best weed ive ever smoked
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    If a mans gonna smoke weed a mans gonna smoke weed.
    If weed was harmful to the kidneys, you'd think you'd see ex-hippies (who don't drink) going in for kidney transplants left and right, lol. But I'm no expert when it comes to kidney transplants.

    All I know is I know a kid that's 17 who had to get a kidney transplant a few years back because of abusing alcohol, and now all he does is smoke weed. However a few months back someone gave him liquor and he ended up passing out and taken to the hospital.

    Id say he's okay if all he's doing is weed, but he should avoid cigs and alcohol completely. Id confront him about it and ask him if he's smoking again and that you're okay if that's his decision, (But that's just what Id do) it's probably stressful for him having to hide it from you, the reason he's doing that is because he thinks you'll be upset, it's best to get stuff out in the open then bottling it in.

    If you both know each other smoke, maybe you can persuade him into buying a vaporizer, that'd be a lot more healthy.
  9. I'm fairly certain he was referring to the quiting of cigarettes not weed, however I may be wrong.
  10. Offer him a fat J and find out! :smoking:

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