I think my dad is elaborately stealing $150 from me

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  1. I've got a developing story Blades.

    A week ago I let my dad borrow $150 to put a deposit on a house he wanted to rent. It was money I took out of my upcoming paycheck just for him. I didn't have any money myself. He received it via and said he was so thankful.

    The same evening after he was supposed to have put the deposit down, he calls me to tell me that the owners told him he couldn't have the house for a couple weeks because of "insurance reasons." My dad told me he'd send the money back the following day.

    The next two days come and go, and I get no call from my dad.

    We kind of talk on and off the next couple days and he's having a string of hard luck. He asks if he can keep the money until Friday so that he can use it for a job (he's a contractor), and says he'll send it Friday with a little extra.

    Friday came and went, and still no cash or call.

    Yada yada yada

    He's supposed to be coming in to town today with my money. He supposedly left Washington D.C. at around 2:00 PM today.

    At 5:40 PM I got a text from him. The following is our text conversation:

    Dad 5:41- So I didn't pay a toll in virginia a while back and apparently they suspended my priveleges and they're not letting me drive. I'm waiting for jeff to drive my van. I'll call you in a few.

    5:42 Just got pulled over :(

    Me 5:42 wtf

    Through a series of broken texts I gathered that he has been pulled over and if his friend doesn't get there soon, they're going to tow his van.

    He just called me and said that one year ago he didn't pay a toll in Virginia because it didn't take cash, only credit cards....? He got pulled over in VA because a taillight is out on his van, and the cop told him his license is suspended in VA because of the toll. His friend can't get there in time so they're towing his van.

    He just called me from supposedly inside the tow truck and they're driving him to the impound.

  2. damn if thats a lie its elaborate as fuck. would ur pops really make something like that up for $150? My dad would just tell me i'm not gettin my money back lol.
  3. I don't think your dad would blatantly lie to you unless he's a junkie or somethin

  4. That's what I'd hope he would do too, if he would steal $150 from me.

    It's too soon to tell if he is lying or not. He's still in Virginia, about 150 miles from me.

    who knows man. I haven't talked to him much in years. I don't know what he might be on, though I hope nothing but the good old green grass.
  5. does he have a drug problem or something?

    idk man, if thats a lie sounds like a pretty crazy lie. would be easier for him to say: "I dropped my wallet and when i finally realized, it was gone from where i thought it was."
  6. yo im sure your dad has spent way more than 150$ on you on many occasions raising you. Don't stress about it mang, if anyone 'steals' 150$ from you, it should be your dad.

    If you get it back, cool, if you don't...then at least he raised you and brought you into this world.:wave:
  7. Know the feeling bro. Honestly he probably took it. I had over 6 grand in savings and when I finally decided to invest it I found out my moms had jacked all but 65 of it. Sometimes parents feel like you owe em or sumthin and it's cool for them to just take it and not pay back
  8. well you know your dad better than any of us...
    I dk if he is a shady guy or not so i cant give an opinon
  9. Well my dad always said when you loan people money dont expect to get it back then when you dont your not mad

  10. Yeah man, it's just $paper$. I'm not going to let it ruin things between us. I just wish he'd be up front with it about me if he is doing something sketchy
  11. Wait, how did he get pulled over in 1 minute? I don't...what the......:eek:

  12. Send him a bunch of pictures of you eating bugs and say you'll keep sending them until he pays you back, if he's grossed out by that stuff.
  13. Forget about the money. Maybe he will pay you back. He probably won't. So, whether or not you choose to give him any money in the future depends on you. Simple as that.

    Good Luck, Brah...
  14. well you know what i think you just made a an elaborate lie to trick all of us
  15. It's your dad give him a break
  16. I doubt he'd lie to you, just because all this happens doesn't mean he suddenly paid you back... he still owes you that money whether he paid the toll or not, that's not even relevant.
  17. coming from a former junkie, that sounds like a straight junkie move. Forget about the money man, it sounds like he might need help.
  18. [quote name='"Jiggernex"']Send him a bunch of pictures of you eating bugs and say you'll keep sending them until he pays you back, if he's grossed out by that stuff.[/quote]

    LMFAO. If I wasn't on my phone id +rep you.

  19. nah send him pictures of you eating bugs and say im starving dad you took my food money!
  20. Well I don't know anything about the type of person he is, but that's awfully elaborate to be a lie. There are so many easier lies he could have given.

    But my advice, when people ask to "borrow" money, don't let them. If you can afford it, just give it to them. Let them think it's a loan if you want, but in your mind, it was a gift. That way you don't lose money you can't afford to, and you don't become disappointed in someone you care about.

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