I think my cat is dieing..

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  1. Well apparently this morning while I was at work my 17 year old cat started leaking diarrhea and puke uncontrollably - this is according to a voice mail I just got from my mom.

    Apparently afterward he ran upstairs under a bed and wouldn't come out, so she put some water and food up there for him. I just got the voice mail so I went in and checked on him, he's sleeping under the bed and is breathing but there is shit all over the place.

    He wouldn't respond to my calls or whistles (usually he's all over me as soon as I get home) and every now and then he would twitch. Just this morning at about 4 AM before I went to work he seemed to be fine, I don't know what's wrong but there isn't anything I can do. I can't drive him to the vet because I have a dangerously low amount of gas in my car and 3 dollars in my bank account that I can't even access.

    I had to go through a similar situation with my 16 year old dog before we had to put him down, I was hoping my cat would last a lot longer - he's seemed perfectly fine lately.

    Death ain't pretty folks, hopefully when my mom comes home at 3 we can get him to the vet and perhaps he will be okay, who knows. I feel extremely bad not being able to do anything - I don't know if he's in a coma or what but it looks like he's in a lot of pain right now.

    Dealing with my dog was a pretty horrible experience, and now this is extremely similar. I can't even fathom what it must be like to look after your parents while they are dieing - it must be the most horrific experience ever.

    I always hoped my cat would go quiet in his sleep, not twitching and shitting and puking all over the place. :(
  2. Sorry to hear that man. Even though I hate cats, seeing a pet die is hard stuff. Blaze one out in it's memory
  3. as much as i hate to tell you this i feel like i should. The things that you are describing is almost exactly what my cat did before he died, just try to make sure hes comfy on his way out, and if he likes to smoke, smoke him out.
  4. yeah don't animals go alone to die? my two dogs both did. smoke him out, maybe ease the pain. sounds good
  5. Dogs go alone, cats don't.
  6. aww Pete, I'm so sorry :( Maybe once you get him to the vet things will look up.
    Losing a pet is really hard no matter how Dirty you are :(
  7. Damn, man.. I hope everything goes the right direction. Good luck and I am smoking a blunt in favor of your cat right now.
  8. aw mate i'm sorry - I know how it feels :(

    still, 17 years for a cat is a tremendous innings so he's obviously been given a great life by your family

    I hope he goes peacefully
  9. it's tough out there Pete. watching beloved pets suffer is the worst.
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    i feel your pain bro..

    my last dog was throwing up and shitting all over the place.. so we drove him to the vet.. and thats the last i seen him

    i was soo sad

    gettin choked up just thinkin about it

    anyways my point is

    losing a companion is NO fun

    Bong Hits from me in your cats honor..
  11. Thanks for all of your replies.

    After some searching online for a while, unfortunately I've come to the conclusion that he may have be in the last stages of Feline Chronic Renal Failure which basically is a death sentence.

    I'm not a vet in any sense, but some of the symptoms of end stage CRF appear to be present.

    It's a horrible feeling, I don't mind him dieing so much as seeing him in pain and not being able to do anything about it.

    I roused him awake and petted him for a while, but he still won't come out from under the bed. He finally put his head back down and I decided to leave him alone.

    Hopefully we can get him to the vet in time to give him a peaceful death rather than force him to endure it naturally.
  12. im sorry man....

    if you can man, help him with his pain...

    i cant say what to do.

    just try and make these *what we think are his* last hours count man..
  13. sorry i took out most of what you said, but 2nd this.
  14. Sorry to hear that Pete. Hopefully he goes peacefully.

    Good vibes man
  15. We watched our cat go through this same exact thing a few years back.. she suffered 3 days before she finally died.. I would take her to the vet and see what they have to say tho for sure.. Sorry you gotta go through this
  16. sorry to hear man, hope it turns out as well as it can :eek:
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    this happened to one of my cats too... i hope he's alright tho man but its not soundin good

    not always. One of my cats did, but one of them laid on my brothers chest for his last 4 hours of life (we knew he was goin out, it was really sad). It was eerie too, because he was a black cat and it was halloween.

    good vibes though man. I hope your feline friend is at least feelin a little better now. Let him sleep, and if hes awake stay near him and pet him (or her, didnt catch the gender)
  18. The vet took some blood, gave him an injection and gave him an IV with some sort of liquid to hydrate him.

    They wanted to keep him overnight while they waited for the blood test to come back but we decided to take him home with us rather than spend 800 dollars so they can put him in a cage.

    When he came home he ate a shitload of his food - didn't puke it up. Then he went and hid under the bed where he was before again.

    For some reason I can't help feeling like vet's are like car repairmen and just keep stringing you along to get as much money out of you as possible when they already know what's wrong.
  19. Some vets are just assholes.
  20. yea man, i dno what to tell you... its good that he ate, really good. all my cats stopped eating before they went. Bad that he went back under the bed though. As far as vets, my mom wont even bring my cats to vets anymore - the last two we brought in for routine checkups and whatnot, and they died within a week after the checkup (they werent old and they were healthy) so my mom just wont bring em in anymore. I've always had a strange feeling about vets too - they aint real doctors and the animals cant talk, so finding an honest vet can be hard - and it always seems to be very expensive.
    I truly do hope he pulls through though, i love my cats and i know what its like to lose one, especially after you've had him for that long. At least he seems like he's feeling better, nothing worse then watching them suffer on they're way out. My oldest cat is starting to get pretty old (15) and hes starting to show signs - he seems arthritic and hes lost a lot of weight - his fur also gets like, scabby and sometimes falls out - im not sure if thats from age or if my other cat claws him or something. Hope your buddy's alright, and if not hopefully he goes as painfree as possible. ~ good vibes ~

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