I think my boyfriend hid my weed

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  1. So I'm 27 and have smoked since I was 13. It's my vice and my own secret. I hide it because...I just do. My inner circle is very not accepting and don't need anyone's opinions on why I shouldn't burn.

    I hide my bud in my own plastic storage bin in the garage in the house I share withy boyfriend. My weed is in a ziplock in a plastic container that was used for POGS. This storage bin has like old pictures frames, useless documents, odds/ends.

    My boyfriend was cleaning the garage today. He spent about 3 hours on it. He moved said storage bin which didn't both me till I went in there and couldn't find my bud. It's 4am here and I thought I'd light up to go to sleep. I'm restless tonight. So I'm not sure if it's out of delusion that I can't find it or I didn't properly look or...he did in fact find it and got rid of it.

    K wtf do i do to approach this? If I can't find it, it's not the end of the world. I'm more taken aback by him doing something like that if he truly did. Yes, I'm no saint. I hide the fact that I smoke. But I'm willing to call myself out to get to the bottom of it. I know I've been sneaky. Again, I'm no saint. But I don't understand THIS level of sneakiness.

    I don't smoke in our house in case he felt that was disrespectful and I'm not breaking the bank here buying it. I'd rather him come at me like "wtf you smoke, let's talk about this." I can handle that kind of confrontation. My mind is racing, like, did I look well enough? Maybe I'm trippin.


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    He's your boyfriend, maybe you should ask him.

    Doesn't sound much like a relationship if you have to hide your marijuana from him. Be like "when you were cleaning the garage, did you see a bag of weed?"


  3. I'm not sure if I'm replying to 👆 comment correctly but whatever, yes I can just ask him. I came up with that option too. And like I said before, no one knows I smoke. I haven't shared with any long term relationships long term or flings. That's my own issue that reflects on me, not my relationship.

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  4. straight up, just ask him.  He probably found it and threw it away.  Sucks but not something to freak out over, doesn't sound like you're which is good.
    Idk how you can hide it from him anyways, he should know its something you enjoy.
  5. STOP LYING. Ask about it. Then get more.
  6. Give you're relationship a fortnight lol

    He's fucking waiting on you mentioning it.

    Oh and see when you were looking for it this morning, and you thought he was asleep. He wasn't lol
  7. He prolly smoked that shit with some of your close friends ahaha
  8. Yea you shouldnt have to hide it from your partner

    Either they accept you smoking and all or not at all - my opinion

    But im sure he found it, ask him.
  9. You got high and put it somewhere else?

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