I think my acrylics broke my nose!!!![emoji30][emoji24][emoji24]

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  1. Yesterday night while sleeping I woke up like this
    My acrylic nail rubbed my eye really hard and pushed my bone outta place. I literally would feel loose tissue ontop my nose where my 'eye hole' bone wAs!!!!
    Leftside is broken!? It's the right side in the photo.

    Today my left eye is swollen, I might be getting a black eye omg!!!!

    I'm can't got to the hospital bcos I've been doing things I shouldn't.

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  2. Forget about your broken nose you just killed me op:lmafoe:
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  3. Dosent look broken to me but if you feel like sonethings wrong you should at least make an appointment somewhere... The docs not gonna give af. There there to help.

  4. It doesn't look that bad tbh, but if your stressing about it just see your doctor. Unless you need a blood test or there testing your urine and there looking for abnormalities you should be fine. Even if you are they might even just state it chemically and say THC . Which means nothing to parents. Oh and lastly i have gotten a blood and urine test and they dident bring anything up at all and I smoke everyday and I'm in a illegal state/country ( in the process of medical use).

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  5. You look high AF :smoking::smoking:
  6. Pretty stoned too..
  7. Touché Tangent

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  8. I think you have Rudolph's Nose Syndrome.

    If it turns red and starts to glow, contact a doctor immediately.
  9. You'll be fine op XD I don't think any things broken cos it doesn't look like it and you'd be in hectic pain XD it might be a sty or something, I get those when I rub my eyes too much