I think mids have a bad rep.

Discussion in 'General' started by UpInSmokeVA, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. So Im blazed right now, loving life livin big, and I thought I would write a little something on here and check out the response. i think that mids have a bad rep. people always talk down about mids and say ah, thats just mids or all I had was mids.. I think that mids are great. Sure they are not as potent as the higher grade stuff, but they are also nowhere near as expensive. I think they get you just as high and the exact same high, as long as you smoke enough (sure this is going to be more but you also got it for cheaper). Part of my reasoning for this is that I'm a blunt man so I very much enjoy the actual smoking part of a smoke session so the more weed there is to smoke and the longer I get to smoke the better. So whenever I have the option to get an 8th of mids for say 30 or a gram of some absolute dank for 25-30 I go with the 8th of mids for the simple reason that its more to smoke and its still going to get me high or completely blizted if I smoke enough.

    Do you agree or disagree? also what do you think about the post in general, stupid or a somewhat good point?

    Just thought I'd start a little friendly discussion, love this forum. Stay blazed:smoke:
  2. I think good bud has a better quality high in addition to the fact that it gets you higher. I enjoy mids every now and then though. When I first started smoking, I would get completely blazed off mids so I have always appreciated it
  3. i think im too fucked up to post. . .

    i just want to add

    "your face"

    to every response. .

  4. i agree completely.
    im in va also by the way
    where in va r u from
  5. To be honest most of the time i smoke high mids. I get high and have a good time so its all the same to me. Yes the named strains do get me higher. I still enjoy mids ,and most importantly it doesnt eat up all my cash.
  6. exactly podey, I roll mainly blunts so 1 or 2 blunts with a few friends and Im blown.. high grade it only takes a few hits off a blunt but I enjoy the smoking aspect and dont mind rolling an extra blunt if I need a little more. I get the same high either way its just the matter of getting there that differs

    p.s. I pm'd you back lemen
  7. My thoughts exactly ive always loved mids I buy them every chance I get.
    For the reason there's more to smoke, and smokin makes me feel goood.
  8. im down with mids also man. (im from north VA) and iv been paying 25 dallors a gram for "headies" for the past couple months. i got sick of it so im on picking up from one of my sister boys who sells mids for hell cheep and they get me just as blazed just gotta take an extra hit..or 3.
  9. i get brick for 30 a 1/4 and nice mids for 25 an 1/8....i been smoke forever and i still stick wit mids:cool:... i can smoke like a packed bowl and get high:p.....and can get nice nugs for 45 an 1/8 and i can smoke like a whole bowl and get a speedy sativa high.....for the price of mids to super kill indica my mids like 5 hit shit to 1 hit shit for 60 an 1/8 i perfer midies:smoke:

    purple platnum blunt wrap wit sum skunk for breakfast and a super blunt with a ounce of brick for desert
  10. ewww. bowls of mids????? really?

    mids are gross
    they give you headaches, horrible red eyes, horrible cotton mouths, horrrible couchlock, they taste horrible they smell horrible they look horrible... NOTHING GOOD ABOUT MIDS AT ALL... unless you're trying to bake some brownies, then mids are dece
  11. Sometimes its all people can get so why not smoke it.anyway dank bud gives me worse red eye, cottonmouth and couchlock..not so bad tho
  12. haha good stuff! I see Im not alone in my support for mids. Do you usually get a sativa high from mids or were you saying the opposite that you usually get it from the other stuff? (Sorry bro Im pretty baked, not comprehending quite as well as normal) haha, also you talkin true brick weed like brown and not even weed looking? haha
  13. never gave me a headache

    does give me red eyes but I dont care

    drink some water

    havent got couch lock in years

    I like the taste and smell.

    but w/e I moved and I dont have a middies contact any more only some pretty good dank for $10/g. I have to admit I like it a little better.
  14. I guess if all you smoke is mids you get used to it... step up to the properly grown bud game son and you'll see what i'm sayin.
  15. whoops I didnt see the post from the guy that bashed them lol, I disagree. I feel that the effects of cottonmouth and redeye are intensified by the amount of thc you absorb not the kind of weed you smoke. IMHO the only difference besides looks and smell (where high grade obviously has it beat) is the amount of THC. High grade has more and mids has less but you can just smoke more mids and get that same amount of THC. Im not in anyway bashing or saying I dont like high grade nug, Im just saying that when Im spending the money, I'd rather go 30 an 8th of mids than 25 a gram of dank.
  16. I actually smoke more dank than mids..I'm just pointing out that mids are not irrelevant to me
  17. I disagree that mids get you as high... even if you do smoke more.

    If that's all you ever smoke, you probably don't notice the difference, but if you only smoke dank (have a high tolerance) and have to resort to mids for some reason, it's not the same.

    Not trying to sound like a snob, that's just how it's been in my experience.

  18. Basically, i'm hopin to get back to the point where a bowl of mids (i guess i'd do it) will get me blown, but i find that with mids there is a "peak" high you can get. i once threw down on 2 zips of mids and smoked it all in one night, i actually smoked myself sober... i drove to the grocery store to get munchies and when i got there i wasn't even hungry (10-11 blunts deep by this point). got back and smoked more and i didn't even get re-high. it ruined my night that i smoked 16 blunts or somethin like that and wasn't even high going home! however with some danks i can just get higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher... you get my point
  19. I prefer mids sometimes. Like say when keeping your habbit a secret is necessary. Nothing worse than when you have to hide your habit, and your weed is so dank and smelly you have to put it in 2 ziplock bags and then put that into a sealed mason jar, to prevent it from stinking up your entire apartment complex.
  20. They don't have a bad rep. It's just that Sinsemilla, Kush etc. have REALLY good reps, and it just looks bad in comparison to those who smoke dank regularly or have access to MMJ. Comparatively it isn't as good, but it is good nonetheless, and will still get you high.:smoke:

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