I think massage therapist molested me? How can you tell if she did?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Words are words, dude they don't mean anything unless you give them that meaning. using those words in a derogatory way is different obviously but I vehimently disagree with censorship in any form.

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  2. The way queer and gay were used, was derogatory. And no you can't tell my orientation from my avatar. You assuming that I'm gay from a picture is in itself derogatory. As for censorship, not doing that either. Just trying to educate people that those things spread stereotypes and promote exclusion.
  3. Telling people what words they can and cannot say because it's perceived as politically incorrect is censorship by definition.
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  4. I never told him not to use certain words. I just suggested he not spread hate.
  5. Lol words be words if y'all get offended by little things like gay an queer how about you just hop on off the interwebs. Remember what you learned, sticks an stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me.

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  7. She was giving you a hint to ask if she accepts tips (prostitution). Good thing you did not.
  8. Read the entire Advertisement first! If you plant tomatoes you'll get tomatoes nor apples! If you got a sex massage it's because you paid for sex massage! My ex boyfriend was Japanese and he told in most Asia there are not enough formal massage places, only sex ones"...I I know, it might be bull$!#t but he said it..

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  9. it's not molestation if you liked it lol
  10. Serious question OP...Did your mother breast feed you till you turned 10

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