I think massage therapist molested me? How can you tell if she did?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Well your names jeffersong..

    Sound like a dude.. And you got somewhat of a sexual massage from an attractive women.. What's the big deal? Why not just think of it in that way?


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  2. I don't think I've ever been molested. Congrats, OP.
  3. ok so sorry for trying to make this into a spidey thread. i just thought this wasn't that serious. to each his own.
  4. Molestation is nothing to joke about?
  5. A massage is already pretty intimate in the first place...Best to stay away if you don't want that kind of encounter.

    Shouldn't have to speak to have an encounter...but paying for favors is trash.

    Trying to think of a pun...but...coming up dry.
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  6. ... and I'M NOT GAY because my celly was the one sucking MY DICK.

    To OP: I don't understand trickin off in the first place so I definitely don't understand paying someone to jack me off. I can do that shit my damn self. Next time, do what you did last time, ignore it. You'll be fifty bucks richer for something you could have taken care of yourself in (let's face it) like 24 seconds.
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    Double standards are so interesting. If a woman was in the same position with an attractive male masseuse, everyone would be suggesting she contact the police instead of going along with it.

    The fact that you're questioning what happened means she probably went to far. I'm guessing it made you a bit uncomfortable since you're asking the forums about it. If it did, obviously don't go back there. If this event really bothered you, you should look into contacting the police. You could prevent another customer that isn't down with a 'happy ending' from going through the same thing. Sure, a lot of customers will probably be unhappy, but sexual assault is an absolutely terrifying thing and no one should have to go through.
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    Ah man up, you sound like a baby, or queer.

    If you didnt say anything to her then dont worry about it now.

    Edit: 1000th post.
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  9. It's a ridiculous situation either way. From the sounds of things nothing actually happened and while I agree more people here would say something if the roles were reversed, either way I don't think enough actually happened. If it made you uncomfortable just don't go back. If she sexually assaulted you phone the police, same advice I'd give anyone.
  10. Wow, so how is that a bad thing. Stfu and enjoy and clearly don't make a post on a weed related forum thinking you were molested.
  11. He said she was attractive.She didnt make him uncomfortable OP is just gay,period.

    Had it been a man OP would have made sure he got his happy ending.
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  12. Queer is a very ugly word.
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  13. Well personally if I was in that situation I don't think I'd feel comfortable so I guess we'll have to disagree.
  14. You spread hate for gay people the same way some people in the south spread hate for people of color.
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    My apologies I dont mean to be hateful. Im more or less teasing the OP for being ridiculous.

    Makes a thread titled "i think massaged therapist molested me"
    Yeah she molested you in the general definition that she touched you.

    How could she have molested him when he is wide awake, is OP like 12 or something?

    He really is being ridicolous IMHO.
    He said she was attractive, she said it was an accident.Whats the crime?

    Secondly why would you let her even get to your belly button, any uncomfortable person would have been like "woah your going to low" etc.
    The fact he has to come on here for validation.
    I fall back to my previous statement, if you didnt say anything to her (as a man in that situation you should have enough balls to tell a woman whats what) then dont worry about it now.
    Also why get the police invovled and possibly get a business shut down just because you dont partake or over something so minor as a touch?Its Kind of like if you dont do those drugs fine, but dont go narcing on the dealer and spoil it for others.
    And elfeen arent you a woman?
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  16. You wish, sugar tits; girls don't exist on the internet. I agree with that though honestly it's not a big deal like I said. If OP wasn't at the level where they'd want to actually get the police involved (which I assume they are as they went to GC, not the police) there's no point kicking off over nothing.
  17. He asked "how can i tell i she molested me?"

    Lol I mean should we really take this thread serious.

    And im disapointed you dont have a vjayjay, was gonna invite you to my rapebox i mean urgh van for some luke warm coffee.
  18. It's fair dude. I'm actually british, not a woman but I can see where you'd make the mistake lmao.
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  19. Apologies accepted. Just think of the words you use. Terms like queer and fag belong in the same trash can as nigger, spick and kike. They spread hate. What percentage of the population identifies as something other than straight.
    If it wasn't for people like Harvey Milk, legalization wouldn't be where it is today. Please stop spreading hate.
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    Im not spreading hate. Nigger is nothing like the word queer, nigger has always had negative connotations since its introduction, nigger is a racial slur.
    The word queer not so much.
    Your comparison is flawed
    You have gay men who call themselves queer and prefer that over fag.

    Its like the term wetback, a name given to mexicans because they would have wetbacks after swimming into the country.
    Now obviously not all hispanics come into the country this way. So it would be wrong to call a hispanic person a wetback.

    Queer? Well we know what you have to do to be a queer. Obviously all gays engage in homosexual activities, so its
    not being hateful.

    You familiar with the show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy right? Good luck getting a tv show with the word nigger in it.

    Also I thought long about my choice of words, I find queer to be very appropriate here lol.
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