I think massage therapist molested me? How can you tell if she did?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I was getting a massage from an attractive Asian woman in her late 30s.

    When I flipped over she touched my face and said I ve got a baby face and laughed.

    Then when she stood behind my head, she kept running from my chest down right above my privates.

    Then when she massage my legs she kept rubbing up extremely close to my privates, even grazing it "accidentally".

    Does this always happen during an Asian massage? Was she trying to do anything or am I just overthinking it?
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  2. And what should I do next time it happens ?
  3. Ask how much.

    I should become a life coach.
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  4. That is a one way ticket to getting police called on you.
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  5. You're on a cannabis forum...
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  6. Stop being a pussy and throw 30 'bucks' her way, slap ya cock in her face and say 'love me long time'.
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  7. Learn to interact with women well enough to get them to touch you without paying a massage slut to tease you...

    ...the clap sucks!
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  8. Narc on yourself and get a gay to do it.
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  9. She wanted to give you the "happy ending".

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  10. I've missed you old bean. Now please could you kindly translate this into every day English that a very old Irish Catholic priest can understand. Bless ya son!
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  11. No man should feel he is paying for molestation charges before he gets his receipt on that transaction and whatnot I think but idk tho so ask the OP.
  12. Dear God man I don't have a clue what you are talking about.
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  13. I'm not...Even...Just cannot...Why?:coolalt:
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  14. Happy endings parlours do exist, and it looks like you stumbled upon one. You can proceed and let her, at an extra expense, but risk a raid (recently had several busted in my area) - or tell her you're not into it. Or...you know, find a new masseuse. If you go to a spa or certified massage studio or the like, they'll be very professional and up to state standard.
  15. Just go with it, don't question
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  16. She was obviously attracted to you so you should get her number. I'm sure her flirting had nothing to do with money. I know some people get massages because they like them but I've always thought of them as a waste of money and never paid for one in my life. Did you really need a massage or did you just want a girl's hands all over you? Because that's something I can understand, the massage?...not so much.
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  17. You really gotta stop, dude.
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  18. Enjoy it

    But like don't get an erection or shit might get awkward

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