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I think Mary Jane cured my OCD

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by wugwan, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I am being completely honest, I am very positive I had OCD throughout grade 7-9. At that time of age I did not know I had OCD, all I knew was things got very annoying if they weren't the way my mind wanted it to be... such as 'lining things up just right' 'double checking this and that'

    Most people with obsessive-compulsive disorder fall into one of the following categories:

    Washers are afraid of contamination. They usually have cleaning or hand-washing compulsions.
    Checkers repeatedly check things (oven turned off, door locked, etc.) that they associate with harm or danger.
    Doubters and sinners are afraid that if everything isn't perfect or done just right something terrible will happen or they will be punished.
    Counters and arrangers are obsessed with order and symmetry. They may have superstitions about certain numbers, colors, or arrangements.
    Hoarders fear that something bad will happen if they throw anything away. They compulsively hoard things that they don't need or use.

    ^I had all of those. I am now 18 years old, and when I think back, what actually cured it? did it just go away by it self over time? or was Cannabis the treatment for my OCD? My first toke of weed was in grade 9. Did you guys have any illnesses where Cannabis helped you through without you even knowing? :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. it could have destroyed your ocd braincells lol
  3. lol cause when youre ripped youre just chillin and you dont care about things as much, you probably couldnt be bothered to do all that stuff when youre stoned
  4. cure? Hell no. Your life is probably less stressful then it usedto be but your ocd will come back and leave throughout your life.weed is a great treatment though for some people but when your sober it will rebound worse usually.
  5. I'll skip the "marble-burying habit in mice" studies- mouse OCD wouldn't likely interest you- but these two articles might, on the other hand-

    Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol (letter - 2008) Improvement in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With Dronabinol -- SCHINDLER et al. 165 (4): 536 -- Am J Psychiatry

    Science: THC effective in obsessive compulsive disorder according to case reports (news - 2008)
    International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    Dronabinol is just a synthetic THC.

    I would also start taking Omega 3 because it helps your body make healthy CB1 receptors. CB1 receptors are responsible for a lot of brain functions- and also getting high! :smoking: Omega 3 is good for your heart, too! :love:

    So, hon, get a bottle of fish oil, or flax or hemp seed oil capsules! It will help your brain function better, and maybe start getting you a bit higher after a month or so of use!

    Granny :wave:
  6. Lol I do take omega 3s, I've been using them for a month now and I do notice I have been more positive lately.
  7. nice im glad to hear that mj cured you. now if only the government can understand that....
    but on a sidenote:

    im hungry
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    I'm sober ATM, and.... I'm fine so I don't know what you're talking about
  9. "Counters and arrangers are obsessed with order and symmetry. They may have superstitions about certain numbers, colors, or arrangements." I am this. MJ helped with this for me too.

  10. Like i said ocd symptoms come and go throughout your life coming at times when your stressed.
  11. #11 wugwan, Aug 12, 2011
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    That was mainly what I went through as well. I remember back then I would have to align my keyboard and mouse really perfectly everytime I left the pc, that was really sad. Now I can careless if my keyboard was sideways or upsidedown haha. Mary Jane is a blessing.
  12. I know where you're coming from.. I didn't have ocd but I was really anal and had some "obsessive" behavior... but with random things

    Like I couldn't have my tv volume on an odd number... if it was id HAVE to change it. And if it didn't have numbers it had to be right in the middle. I had to put my deodarant on a certain number of times.. wash my body in the shower a certain number of times. But if I didn't wash or put deodarant on a certain number of times I was ok with it. It wasn't as bad as the tv. So id say really anal not ocd, but I do feel like smoking cured that. Its hard to be so obsessive when all you wanna do is chill.

  13. Yes the 'odd' number thing was what bothered me as well back in the days. I couldn't bare seeing odd numbers for my volume or etc etc. I was never diagnosed with OCD, but I had some of the symptoms.

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