I think I've lost my dealer...

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  1. Short Version: Met dealer, got chewed out by his gf or whatever she is and told not to contact him except thru her, worried i'm out a dealer now... :(

    So I have been buying from the same guy for about a year and a half. He's a pretty sound person and dealer, so I've been happy that I didn't have the previous struggles of trying to get it from random people who know people; shady...

    I went to meet him last Friday to get my weekly half o and I noticed it was taking him a while...
    I waited patiently and he arrived about 20 mins late, no big deal.
    Well he walks up to my window and there's an angry-looking female beside him who proceeds to chew me out and say that he's not allowed to speak to females. :confused: She said if I need anything from him to contact her thru her cell... She angrily gave me her number. I saved the number, but seriously?! I don't even contact him unless I need some green, but I took the "chewing out" and tried to consider maybe he had cheated on her or something and she was just getting pissy and controlling.

    Either way, I feel like I'm out a dealer...
    I texted her just to see if she would even ask him to sell me some and no reply.
    Kinda getting worried...
    It'd be good to cut down a while for the sake of my tolerance, but I will just hate it if I have to return to begging people to find me a hook up.
  2. That sucks, for both of you. If she doesn't get back with you call your guy ( her guy) like usual. If he blows you off too, you've been pussy blocked, look for a new dealer.
  3. Ya fuck her just continue calling him. Obviously you're good business for him and nothing else. Tell him to control his bitch too.
  4. Call her and tell her she's acting like a neurotic fuck. Then call him from now on. Tell him to man up and wear the pants in the relationship. Unless he's dating someone like this [​IMG]
  5. That really sucks! :( Hope you find someone new soon or he comes around! (Hopefully kicks that biotch to the curb)
  6. just call him.... his number should still be live
  7. your dealer is pussy-whipped....
  8. That just means you're way hotter than her and she feels threatened
  9. 1. seduce dealer
    2. brag to girlfriend
    3. girlfriend leaves
    4. move in with dealer & get tons of free bud

  10. ..... (dealer is actually an overweight, smelly, black guy)....

    womp womp .
  11. Do what I used to do:

    Randomly show up at his house with money. What can he do?

  12. Id kill a man to date angela gossow, And if she sounds anything like her, id listen to lmao

  13. BUT...

    What the FUCK is she doing with her hand? o_O
  14. Ah call her and set ameeting for speaking, make your position clear to her . Give her to understand that you are only contacting him to get some green

  15. Probobly going through the motions of brutally strangling someone she dosen't like.
  16. fuck her, i would carry on as you have been doing for the last year and a half.
  17. Why the fuck is she screaming? :confused::confused::confused:
  18. Break down the chain of money to her. You call him, he brings you weed, you give him money, he gives money to her. so without you talking to him, she would be a broke b*tch

  19. look up Arch Enemy lol. shes the singer :cool:
  20. Thanks for all the suggestions! My plan is definitely carryin on as normal. I'll keep calling him until he answers. Which he will if he wants my business...

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