I think its time again.... :)

Discussion in 'General' started by gravy, May 14, 2004.

  1. Its here, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, nice days not worrying about snow, all the aminals are gettin wild (rrarrrrr :D) and i've started my annual summer boozin.....

    Indeed its one of the best times of the year, though, theres something missing. Something empty in my life, not yet easily filled (though im taking aplications, phone numbers, casual sex and hell even the occasional slap in the face).

    yes folks, im talking the realationship game. Gravy needs to find himself a new girly to dedicate himself to, the ever important girlfriend.

    Just comming off a realationship, whereas i thought i found her, the one, the girl that made my jaw drop every time i saw her.....everyones felt it at one point or another. even though it wasn't a bad break up( where as we still remain decent friends, there was nothing we could do to prevent it, distance is a bitch... but hey, honestly after she moved then she started to become on as well... :p)

    But yet another spring has sprung and i need to get my butt into gear, yes.... Gravys gonna be settling down for a bit, well once i find that someone anyway....

    Personally in my opiniopn, i really believe i need, someone to kick my ass and keep me in check when needed, someone to spend all my hard earned dollars, a person to laugh with/at and best of all ..... someone to wake up next to and just see that sparkle in their eye every morning, knowing that your totally content with out a care in the world, two fish...swimming along..always togeather,almost never better....

    Now guys i know, sounds crazy, why give up your freedom, time and even cash? Why not, its summer, nothing to do but get to know each other, have fun and to take time with things so you know they're gonna work out....

    I mean, it could be the beers, the smoke, or the near fact that its almost 3 am and i'm really shot.... but for me, i think its that time....

    So for every lady here.... I give you first bid, an don't worry Gc mommies...i won't forget bout you either... ;)

    but yeah, i was bored..... so i figured that i'd declare that a search is on... for me and a shot at happiness again. :)
    Any one have thoughts, feel free to add em....

    p.s.- I think is the longest thread i've ever composed off the top of the head......yyyeeeeaaaaahhhh
  2. are u wookin panub;) hehe

    sry, i'm really ripped right now lol, and it just came to me lol

  3. was that mean not in canadian high language???! :D :p

    makin your self a candidate.... :) hehe you know i can make all sorts of fancy drinks.....

    * cross's finger an hopes for extra points...*
  4. it's buckwheat lol! you know, lookin for love-wookin panab. or something like that lmao!

    aaww gravy, if only i were single! you can still make all those fancy drinks for me though;)
  5. i know, just my luck.. :D Don't worry though, i got some prospective candidates, can't just be anyone ya know.. :p

    an sides... i can do a whole lot more then just makes drinks ya know.. ;)
  6. Good luck finding someone gravy :D

    Too bad I can't try any of your drinks, LOL.
  7. *sniff sniff* yes! its is in the air gravy:D jsut remember if theyre not your type, send em my way ;) :D

    vise vera! :p

  8. now theres a win, win.........
    oooh gravy if only,..*sigh

  9. hey.... if ya mean it.... i'll start bring a camera with me.... cause i know plenty of hotties that would love a baked bean... ;)

    an what about a win win win....situation....
    Im sure we could fond a lil higha time around here somewhere.... :D

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