I think it might be heat stress

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    Day 19.
    Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my babies? They seem to be very unhappy compared to a separate bunch I have. I'm using miraclegrow seeding mix. They were sitting in 90 degrees, under 1 85watt 6500k CFL and 2 65watt 6500k CFL, for about the last 4 days which makes me believe that it might be heat stress. The leaves are all droopy, curl in along the entirety of each leaf and are cracked looking.

    There is also an indicator of something that I don't know how to diagnose myself. (see the third picture 123417158629.jpg)


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  2. Are you refering to the slight twist they have? If that's the case I think that your problem is ph related. I can't really see those pictures to well but what I can see is that twisting. Heat stress will be focused on the top leaves of the plant and will have slices of yellow up and down them. In order to truly diagnose this we need more info. You can find all of that info in a sticky in the sick plants section. Good luck
  3. overwatering? i would ditch the drip irrigation system and water by hand. you dont want them watered everyday, only when they need it. let the soil dry out before you water next time, see if that helps. other than that it looks like you have some nice looking plants. good luck with the grow :smoking:

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