I think it is hamaphrodite

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  1. The plant I could not tell if it was fem or man I now see 1 set of hairs it is only the 1 and there are also balls on the other side only tiny balls with no hairs coming out. there on either side of the nodes and not on all yet. So has anybody here ever seen or growen a hamaphrodite plant is it possable
  2. A kid around here had a bunch of hermie plants going around. It was pretty shitty weed, but if you smoked enough it'd do the job.
  3. Froggy is the king and Queen of Hermaphrodites here at the City. PM him and ask him.
  4. [​IMG]

    I held two of the branches of the plant together, to show how nature might trick you.
    The main bud was definitely female, but some of the lower branches showed balls, so the plant had to go...
  5. yep she's a she/he.

    what strain, where did ya get the seeds from and why u think it happened?

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  6. Yep its a hemie or was I ripped it .
    it was just bag seed got them given to me from a mate he gave me like 130 of them the plant is strange
    it is sativa and it smells so much like hydro I give it hydro nutes its got like a grape bubblegum smell and it is very potent doesnt get real tall though

    has any of you guys had outdoor that looks and smells like indoor
  7. sounds to me like u might of had a thai plant or something simaler. thais r naturaly hermis, if u was to plant 10 seeds u might get 2 males, 2 females and 6 hermies. when i grow thai i expect it and just let it happen, it wud drive u mad trying to get rid of all the male flowers. its a gr8 smoke and not the end of the world if it has a few seeds in it. keep an eye on the rest of ur plants, if the fems start to throw male flowers then pick them off. u may find u dont get any clean female plants so it wud b a shame if u binned all the fast flowering plants b4 u found this out.
  8. Thai hey.
    Yeah by the way I got the sativa and indica mixed up.
    I just found out what the difference looks like a coupple weeks ago.

    It looks more indica than sativa. When it buds it gets real thick tricombs all through the middle. This is 3rd atempt at a grow with these seeds. and best so far thanks to GRASSCITY.

    I had 9 plants then 4 now 1 The one I have now Is very nice
    all female it was the best plant from the start. I planted it in a 3 gallon pot from seed vegged for like 3/4 weeks maby more. now it is in preflower and coming along lovley.

    It has 9 colas. My dog decided he would sleep on it or somthing. I found it fucked up one day it was totally bent lucky the stem didnt snap{weed is so tuff}but the main tip was gone buried in the dirt somewhere along with other leafy matter. A terribale sight this was if it has happened to you then you know what I mean. Adrenilin started pumping but lucky my green thumb kiced in and I saved my best plant from certin DEATH.

    Now its all alone but I think she likes it alone with me .
  9. hve u thought about taking a cutting ot grow on for next year? that plant sounds like to much of a fighter to just let go.

    did u know if u veg a plant indoors over winter then put it outdoors in the spring while the days r still short then aslong as the weathers mild enough they go into flower and by the time the days get longer the flowers r so far gone they just keep on budding.

    better than waiting a whole yr b4 u get another free harvest!
  10. If you mean a clone then no cuz I got like 100 more seeds
    And i konow i can produce a much better plant next time.

    as for indoor vegging ive been considering very much lately.
    havent looked in to a lighting setup yet but i will right now.

    any recomendations

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