I Think Ima Miss These Past Four Years.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by --Twitch--, May 12, 2011.

  1. In a few weeks i'll graduate. its student council week so i desided to capture some memories today by walking around and recording the maythem. wether that be mouthy freshman or the seniors getting chased by the teachers and falcuality for waterballons. As I skipped through the footage captured today, I realized Im gunna miss this crappy school. So the reason for this new thread is, what are some of your favorite memories from school.
  2. I remember being a freshman..ahh i was a little bastard. Drinkin on red ribbon week..smoking in the bathrooms..taking dips at lunch..school got alot more strict from there though and we were rebels. We didnt give a fuck. - winecountry, CA
  3. i just miss the people, it's weird going from constantly being around hundreds of people you've spent years with every day to not seeing any of them at all. change can make way for better things, but it's still bittersweet
  4. I just graduated skool and got a job, and it sux hard. Seriously, dont leave....
  5. i guess its not to late to bomb a couple exams...jk
    airforce is gunna be my calling for the next few years...talk about a time away from green. =[
  6. yeah life after highschool blows pretty hard when you think of all the cool memories from hs

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