i think im too original?????

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. you old blades know my avatar when you see it,?

    or my \'\'SYSTEM\'\' typing,,, either way ive been told the chicken is very original,,,,,,

    im gonna change my avatar,, and start typing in veranda,,,,, what ya think of that ?:p
  2. You\'re quite the character, that\'s for sure. :wave:
  3. You\'re going to type in Verdana?!

    ...Sell out!

  4. DUde I always wanted to ask if your period key is broke. Is it?
  5. type in veranda AHAHHAHAHHA :D
  6. Chicken you\'re a funny dude that takes good pictures:smoke:

    Don\'t sell out!

    EDIT - How the fuck can you be too original?
  7. hahah hmm thats a toughie.. im guna smoke a bowl of hash and get back to u
  8. do what you want ;)

    you cant be too original
  9. Come original, you got to come original
    All entertainers come original
    You got to come original, you got to come original
    All entertainers
    Hear why
    To come original it aint nothin strange
    You got to represent you got come full range


    Chicken, your one gnarly dude so keep doin what ya doin, ya know?
  10. yeah you\'re the most originally annoying and callous person I\'ve crossed internet paths with.
  11. brother, i could give two chicken shits how horribly depraved your typing skills happen to be. im still astounded that a shriveled old neck like you can use a computer! not bad for a guy who lives with chickens. keep doin whatever the hell it is you do! haha verdana indeed hahaha!

    *insert cheap meaningless affermation here-
  12. So this is what it\'s like to be chicken,,,,,I say you type however you want,,,:D

  13. hahaha thats awesome. whenever i see chicken i think of that redneck thread and think..... fuck its that redneck AWESOME!!!!! and i check anythread started by chicken:p
  14. bak bak chicken chicken :hello:
  15. chicken is chicken is chicken.

    noo dont chanage your avatar!
  16. I\'ve never seen you here.. then again I\'ve been gone for a long while.
  17. yeah man, you talk like everyone knows who you are. pretty big fuckin ego if you ask me.

    I HATE, no... ABHOR... how you use commas how I just previously (and correctly) used periods to indicate pause.

    You advocate aborting babies because they might have Down Syndrome. It kinda makes me want to vomit. There\'s a reason for everything, and some people come out this way. It doesn\'t mean that they can\'t have a happy life, or that your life will be miserable if your child is born this way.

    On that level it\'s wrong, as it\'s wrong on MANY levels. so do I think you\'re too original??? Oh, sorry don\'t give a shit about that. Do I think you\'re an overall bad person? Yes.
  19. JAH got only good vibes for the chicken
  20. I\'m chill with the Chicken.


    He aint done nothin to me to make me dislike him,,,, yadadamean?
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