I think im tapped

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  1. The word on the street is that there is going to be a police sting operation in my county and i got an inside tip that i was in the radar. What i found out is that the pigs are reading my text, im not sure about listening to phone covorsations. They have footage of me meeting up with my friend. And i believe they are traking my ip adress; you know when you log into myspace there are always ads on the side and bottom of the page for whatever you search most or whatever else. Well, on my advertisements its all about becoming a fucking shitheaded pig!!! (by the way every since i found out about this i have been using vulgar language and every chance i get calling these cunts worthless pigs). Anyways, i need some advice on what i should do and what steps i should take. I want to change my phone number but its my senior year and itll be a bitch to tell everyone my new number. Any advice is MUCH appretieated!!! PLEASE DONT COME HERE FLAMING, telling me im wrong and all that bullshit; everything ive stated is true and i know it is 100%! So c'mon GC, help a blade out
  2. Also, while you all sit here reading this thread; with your northern lights, strawberry cough, k2, blueberry, orange crush; hitting your roor, illedelphia, no name bong; 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g blunts...please take a nice long rip for me, for i can no longer enjoy MJ's company for a while :bongin:
  3. stay low man and tell everybody that u k to not text or call u for drugs
    and if they are tappin your internet, well change your ip and put proxy on it so they cant get in it

  4. You said that you dont think they are listening to your phone but just to be safe, whenever you answer your phone, listen closley to see if you can hear any unusual noises.
    its verry faint and sounds kind of like dial up on a computer.
    or if you get a call and nobody is there but you here the same noise.
    it could just be a fax machine accidently dialing your number, but in your situation, your probably taped.

    i wouldent advise the vulgar language because that is just gona get them pissed at you.

    and obviously dont say anything you wouldent want them to know over the phone.
    watch out for people that you dont know being a little too friendly also.

    thats pretty much all i can think of.
  5. ...paranoid? Move all your stuff away from your home and your self as fast as possible. I'm pretty sure everybody will tell you that.

  6. how do you know that is what happens if your phone is tapped im sure you wouldnt be able to hear them listening to you
  7. i'd tap it
  8. stay off the wire until they bust somebody

    and don't insult

    they'll just find reasons to bust u dood
  9. Maybe someone was trying to scare you and be like "I'll keep your stuff over here, man"

    and rob you. :p

    I guess...clean your shit up, don't come back on grasscity untill someone get busted. Your house must be illegal-free zone(or outside if that matters)
  10. i think youre trippin
  11. This thread is giving me the heebie-jeebies!
  12. yeah...the feds are on to you...and grizzly adams had a beard.
    yes, i know he did have a beard, but i can gaurentee you have nothing to worry about.
  13. i forsure say gtfo of these fourms and wipe out your hd so if they ever do catch you they dont find this site if they haven't already and bust all of us! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg shits about to fly
  14. lol!!1
  15. fuck the government...
  16. Yeah sounds like shit's about to fly in your county.

    I'd stay under the radar for a while, no weed, leave any incriminating or suspicious paraphenalia at a friends and instruct everyone not to call you or text you about illegal activities.

    People listen to that shit, cuz if they text your about illegals they go down too.

    Wipe your hard drive. Save any files you need onto re-writable disks and stash them at your safe house.

    Then wipe the re-writables.

    When shit like this happens, i'd even sometimes consider not hanging around at my residence, i get out on the road, tell my family i'm goin on a road trip, and either get out of town, or go stay with some friends.

    DO NOT engage in illegal activity.

    Keep your phone off.

    Maybe even change IP adress of your computer.

    Shit i sound so paranoid.

    Maybe i'm making too much of a big deal out of this.

    Still, take my advice if you think the situation is bad.
  17. Already 2 steps ahead of you.
    And she is loose as a goose.
  18. Goodness, I'm sure the police don't care that much about a consumer of marijuana..
    It's not like you're...

  19. I'd keep a gun around...

    ...in case the pigs came in and I had to shoot my own head off.

    Prison is ugly, probably especially ugly for me...
  20. what makes you so special?

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