I think im stealing apps online....please help

Discussion in 'General' started by DROandWIDOW, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ok, so i have one of those american express gift card things, but there was only like 2 dollars left.

    I tried to add it to my itunes account just to see what would happen, and now i can buy things without a limit.

    I've bought like 10 dollars worth of apps and now im worried its going to get back to me somehow

    so basically...am i fucked?

    the gift card was given to me so i dont know how i could be charged.

    Help would be greatly appreciated

  2. You'll probably get a bill in the mail or something.
  3. yo man quit being an ass, u got banned for starting an uproar based on no info, who cares if u got banned with only 14 posts or w/e, ur just gonna make another name. And to the op, i bet u get a bill at the end of the month.
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    Good rebuttal. :rolleyes:

    I don't think mod's should be using their little red lines of text to talk shit and say meaningless things like that.

    I'm not defending stanbull or even commenting on what he said.

    If you have something to say then make a post as a member, if you have some something to comment about regarding a moderating action then by all means make a little note at the bottom.
  5. Sorry to detract from the thread, but is burntwaffle really 16? Damn, if so he had me fooled.

    Anyway, you probably wont get a bill because theres no way to charge you if its a gift card, right? When I was in highschool me and my buddies used to buy bongs anonymously right under our parents noses by getting Simons gift cards, and having them shipped to PO boxes. Untraceable :D

    I'd say just enjoy your freebies.
  6. Exactly. I'd toss you some rep right now if I hadn't of given it all out.
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    Na man, if you get a bill that shit aint your problem. the problem is with the card and you are not the card so.... Yeah.

    I do agree but there are times when things are self evident and "crap talking" is fine.
    Like in this instance, Stanbull is just venting on this thread and not adding a thing but pixels to it, so its crap.
  8. If all you've spent is $10 then you are far from fucked
  9. ^^ Fucked out of a gram of weed at least :p.

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