I think I'm ready can someone give me a pointer ??? PLEASE ???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by orange52, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. Okay I've germinated my seeds and I have planted 4 seeds about an inch apart and about 1/2 inch deep in a 6" deep flower pot (I watered the soil before planting) !!

    I am now going to put the pot indoors by the window so it gets alot of light !!

    Can someone please tell me how often I have to water and also when do I actually need artifical light shining on the pot 24/7 ?????, is it a few weeks later after the initial planting?

    Also does the plant start flowering by itself or do I have to induce it?

    I would really appreiciate the response (I live in the UK by the way)
  2. Water it when the pot feels light and dry, every few days should be OK.

    You should put it under fluoros now because it won't get enough sunlight from a window.

    Let it gor some more and tell us how you are growing, and we will tell you when to flower, but you need at least six or seven FULLY developed leaf sets before even thinking about cutting the lights back.
  3. Indeed...keep us posted...good luck

  4. Is this okay when i plant them an inch apart in a 6 inch pot?
  5. 1 per pot unless you are going to thin them out.
  6. what do you mean by thinning out?
  7. only so many plants can live in a certain size area. You wouldn't want 100 people living in your house so you thin them out to prevent the roots from overcrowding each other. If you grow more than 1 plant per pot you will have to kill all of them but 1 when they start to grow or they will all die from overcompetition.

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