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I think I'm losing my mind...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ccx420, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. So basically on Thursday night I decided to smoke on two small bowls of Purple Dawg to help me wind down. The thing is, a few minutes after I smoked it, I started to feel quite detatched from reality and my body felt so floaty and numb. I felt like I was far far too stoned and I couldn't do anything about it. I tried to get to sleep but I was too frightened to go to sleep incase something happened. So I got up to make some hot chocolate and noticed my eyes were very very red and droopy, which I've never experienced before. I've smoked more bowls before and my eyes have never turned red and I've started panicking. Finally I got to sleep, but the next morning I still felt a bit uneasy. I smoked the rest of my Purple Dawg before I headed outside to collect some groceries. Upon walking back home, I saw a lady at the traffic lights who was on a wheelchair and somehow I started crying. I softly cried all the way back until I got home and bawled my eyes out. I didn't have any weed left to calm me down, but because I've tried so many times to go cold turkey and it's failed, I thought I'd try again but my anxiety sky rocketed at the thought of that. I couldn't not lay at peace, I'd burst out crying about 6-7 times an hour, I'd feel an overwhelming fear of dread and panic, I'd feel so out of control. Eventually I got more of the Purple Dawg later last night. So when I got in, I filled a bowl but it didn't hit right so I packed another one and it kind of did something but I still felt unreal and scared. I did get to sleep, but this morning I woke up and started crying again with fear. I just feel so dissociated and like I can't feel any emotions. I feel numb. Unhappy. Stuck.
    Perhaps maybe I smoked too much without realising? Maybe the THC % was too high? It was a laced bud? My mind was not in the mood for it?

    There's all sorts of things running through my mind and I am freaking out. I just don't feel like myself at all. I'm actually trying not to cry whilst typing this because I feel like my depression and anxiety are far too gone all because I lost control over my cannabis use.
  2. Give it a couple hours or so and re-read your post, definitely a higher potency than you're use too or you smoked way to much without realizing. But I've been there and done that and it sux. Next time have some CBD around so when you feel like you have had to much THC, the cbd will bring you down to a more comfortable level very quickly.

    Good luck in your future smoking adventures.
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  3. Grab a hot tea man. Any kind. Breathe. Revisit this later. This is a lesson you've learned. You've done a good thing here.
  4. Well, I looked up that strain; sounds potent.
    It’s curious that you chose the same variety that troubled you earlier.
    Perhaps a different strain next time?
    I am, in fact, losing my mind but, usually, when I feel inappropriate,
    I can trace it back to something that is troubling me.
    Rhetorically; anything else going on in your life?
    G’luck: you’re probably feeling better already.
  5. “If you think you’re losing your mind, you aren’t”

    Marijuana often brings out other issues

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