I think im in love

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  1. I finially know the feeling it's so great. Its finding someone who you really connect with on a deep level, and you just want to be with them every minute. I love it
  2. Post her pic.
  3. whatever buck, from what i can tell you'll never find a girl you can settle down with...

    always havin affairs... gambling on stuff... i bet you even own a charcoal grill
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    electric, electric
  5. love is for suckers
  6. blasphemy!

    lol, congrats on finding love

  7. wellllllll then....

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  8. Enjoy it man. I know the feeling.

    I am still rather ambiguous on how I feel about being in love as an emotion. Sometimes I love the feeling, other times I hate it. Yes it feels good to love someone and even better to have them love you back, but at the same time I have the voice in the back of my head saying that this is all just an illusion created by chemical reactions in my brain, and I can sometimes feel like a slave to it because it is by far the hardest emotion to rationalize and control because it is such an deeply rooted part of our humanity. I can know that what I feel, both good and bad, is a result of the love feeling, but no matter how hard you try you can't always control it and you can never really make yourself un-love someone. It just has to happen.

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