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Discussion in 'General' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Ok, I realized today that I think I am relatively healthy save for my tobacco smoking and lack of cardiovascular and general physical exercise.

    My diet, on the other hand, contains a high variation of both healthy and slightly unhealthy foods.

    The only fast food I've eaten in the last three months is from El Pollo Loco, which serves relatively healthy chicken dishes, usually chicken tacos with onions and parsley, or bean, cheese, and rice burrito, all of which are a dollar each.

    When not consuming chicken from El Pollo Loco, I generally eat a diet of two to three half cups of brown rice a day, usually in addition to freshly cut fried hash browns in vegetable oil and one to two boiled eggs. This is sometimes served with meat product, but rarely pork and usually fish (salmon, salted mackerel, red snapper) and occasionally steak (ribeye usually).

    I eat this combination, more or less, once to twice a day.

    Otherwise sometimes I cook chili or order a pizza.

    I drink coca tea, green tea, white tea, english tea, coffee, espresso in various combinations or by itself, aloe vera sweet drinks, soy milk, skim milk, whole milk (sparingly), and, of course, water. I am partial to dark chocolate but eat it very sparingly. I enjoy pistachios but also eat them sparingly.

    Deserts generally include rice cakes, but I am well known amongst my associates and friends as being capable of making an amazing dark chocolate cake, sometimes infused with cannabis for recreational use.

    I would eat cannabis seeds if I didn't save 99 percent of them for future grows, though i have found a place that sells organic hemp seed as a food product for relatively cheap and will probably order some in the near future to add to my rice or roast as a snack.
  2. i sorta skimmed... was there a question? i eat fast food everyday driving from school to work and i'm still in pretty good shape (i weight less than average for my height). i do work out at work though... anyway, eat seeds? is that healthy? good for you?
  3. cannabis seeds are super healthy for you man! they produce the most protein in the botanical world other than soy and contain nearly every fatty acid needed in a sturdy diet when eaten in large quantities.

    anyways, there is no real question I just was curious as to the dietary concerns and overall health of the forum members.
  4. i'd like to be healthy, but i just dont got the money, time, or motivation lol. is that a fact about the seeds? damn. cannabis is a freakin wonderplant! thats why the gov wont legalize, all the pharmacutical(horrible spelling, i know) companies will go out of business! :p

  5. (pharmaceutical... you only missed the 'e' after the 'c'... not horrible)
    and not just the pharmaceutical companies but the chemical companies like Dow Chemical. Read up on the conspiracy reports involving Dow's introduction of rayon into the market and Hearst's (newspaper empire) acquisition of a wood-pulp paper mill back in the late 30's. I'm sure lots of companies had their hands in the conspiracy to make and keep weed illegal. :cool:
  6. Hence delaware is incredibly anti-pot! We are home to Astra-Zeneca and DuPont!

  7. DuPont... that's the company I was thinking of, not Dow... although I think Dow was involved in the conspiracy at the time, too. :cool:

    When I first read your post, "delaware is anti-pot" I thought you were talking about delaWHERE?, but then I realized that you are delaWHERE?. I think I need another hit...! :D
  8. i've heard about hearst. isnt he the guy that citizen kane is based off? didnt he like start fighting in cuba?

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