I think Im having marijuana withdrawal...

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    So during the 1st semester and the winter break I smoked a ton. I smoked about 4-5 times a week during the semester and smoked EVERY single day during the winter break. I did not go to sleep sober ONCE during the winter break. So 2nd semester starts and the 1st day of school was yesterday, I decided to come off of marijuana to focus on my GPA and other extracurricular activities. Last night I started to experience social anxiety. Other symptoms included paranoia, irritability, runny nose, watery eyes, headaches, and a fever. I tried to go to sleep last night and had very vivid dreams, the same dreams I had when I was high on marijuana, except I was only sober. The dreams were lucid and I could control what I did in my dreams, I was also aware that I was in a dream. I awoke about 5 times during the night and I was sweating and coughing like crazy. 
    Are these symptoms normal for marijuana withdrawal? And how long should I expect to experience these effects? I am having some weird mood swings right now. I feel so detached from reality and I feel very depressed. I'm also craving marijuana right now but I know it will only make my problem worse

  2. bullshit...no such thing as withdrawal from pot...trolling ANTI-pot groups are in overtime lately...
  3. Your weeds been laced and your withdrawing from whatever it is laced with..
  4. I'm not trolling. I'm being dead serious. During my first few times smoking I had a very low tolerance as well. I would get stoned and then awake the next morning stoned. That may have something to do with my withdrawal, I have some sort of hypersensitivity to weed
  5. so youre away at college, out of your comfort zone, under stress, etc
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    I am serious too...no such thing as withdrawal from marijuana...period.
    and I do think you are an anti mj/mmj troll. (your posting history...your bullshit stories do not add up...)
  7. Not true at all. I'm glad to be away from home. The first few weeks at college were a blast and I was having a great time. I was introduced to marijuana a few weeks into the school year and I was still having a great time. It was not until I STOPPED taking marijuana that I'm experiencing these effects...
  8. cball is on this
    don't perpetuate that fucking myth...jeeez..bad enough we have anti mj/mmj trolls doing it..
    yeah, you said you stopped because of grades and shit.
    that means you got hit with a cold dose of reality, sir
  11. Well.. there are slight withdrawals. You can't say there are none at all. But it's no more severe than a withdrawal from icecream sandwiches.
  12. None of those are related to withdrawal from weed except the vivid dreams. Every time I stop smoking I have crazy vivid dreams, usually nightmares, for the first couple of days. Dunno why it happens but it's awesome, even the nightmares.
  13. Yes I decided to tone down my marijuana intake to improve my grades and focus on things other than marijuana. I enjoyed my time using marijuana but I have ultimately decided it has been affecting my life, so I decided to quit and then I'm getting these weird symptoms from stopping cold turkey. 
    I don't understand what makes you think I'm getting these symptoms because of my "new reawakening" or "slap in the face of reality"... 
  14. I apologize if I have offended any of you because of the thread title. But before posting this thread I tried searching on google and I had the same symptoms that the articles described... so I was assuming I had marijuana withdrawal after stopping cold turkey. 
    DO pay attention...as I said before:
    THERE ARE NO WITHDRAWALS FROM MARIJUANA .  <---notice that period 
  16. Only thing that would be bothering you should be sleeping abd eating. That's maybe the only two things that go wrong.The running nose, headache and fever sound like a cold.Sent from The Gods.
    As i have said before if you can spend a few minutes on a quick google search there are marijuana withdrawals. It is a real thing. Everyone reacts differently to marijuana and some people might experience withdrawals and some may not. 
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    That period is nice and all, but you're wrong. Everything you put into your body has withdrawal symptoms if you take it and then suddenly stop. 
    Those who say that weed has zero negative effects are just as bad as those who say that weed has millions of negative effects.
  19. Great post. I think I'm going to quit marijuana for two weeks and see how I do from there. My symptoms could possibly come form a flu or a cold-like illness, but I have never experienced anxiety and mood swings from flu and cold.
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    I won't repeat what I said...again....you and the anti mj/mmj trolls just won't agree to the truth of it. you prefer to spew more logical fallacies and lies as your evidence.
    stop using logical fallacies and lies to support your bullshit propaganda.
    show the proof.

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