I think im gonna quit my job....

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  1. i hope i dont regret this, but fuck jack in the box yo. quitting tomorrow but not sure if i should put in my 2 weeks or whatever so im not a asshole...hmmmmmmm

    cant wait to be free!!!
  2. lol come on dude fast food sucks.

  3. where you gonna work after you quit?
  4. find a new job then quit. If you dip out now without a two weeks notice if any employers call your last job bam bad refrence.
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkcoobYUu8g]YouTube - Half Baked - Scarface quits his job[/ame]

    hahah but if i was you id be patient and put in the two weeks
  6. It's kinda rough to find a job out there man but If you do quit do yourself a favor and put in the 2 weeks and push through them. Whenever you can put it down as a previous employer and get a good reference out of them is something that you'll want down the road.


    I've had Jack in the Box once when I ventured out West and sweet lord it was delicious.
  7. Steal all the food you can carry just because.
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    fuck ye profit.

    but on a real note for this pay, and these hours, its not worth the shit lol. get treated like shit all nite, work graveyards eveyr weekend, and the worst acne. fuck acne if this keeps up i wont be able to get ANY other job besides fast food with a pepperoni face.if i fail school again over stress ill be so pissed at myself. graveyard shifts already got me sleep schedule fuxed up. no worries i got a source of income for now till i find a new job. just gota get 1 thing done at a time ;p

    ahh im gona watch half baked right fuckin now. and my boss totally needs one of those.
  9. If you quit man make it 100% worth it but don't steal. Getting fired is lucky going to jail is not.

    I'd just fuck up a bunch of orders. I hate working for people its the worst.
  10. All I can imagine now is literally a man with pepperonis on his face.

  11. lol you dont remember pizza the hut?

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  12. but on the real about quitting your job....if you just cant see yourself doing it and it makes you unhappy and stressed then you need to do what is best for you. i too was in a similiar situation....my situation i am sure is much different than yours....

    i have 2 children and a house mortgage....my wife works and makes decent money but i decided to quit my job without telling her...the pay sucked and i had not gotten a raise in 2 years plus they took any extra means of making money away....i struggled like this for 2 years before i decided that it just was not worth it...it was actually costing me more money to go to work because it was an 80 mile round trip, plus child expenses....basically loosing money....

    so i quit....but out of quitting i ended up with a job that i just got offered a position for that trumps the other by so many ways....compensation and benefits....so sometimes it is best to do what your heart is telling you because there just might be something better right around the corner for you...good luck my friend
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2MmqbAaoZA]YouTube - Tenacious D - Cosmic shame[/ame]
  14. If you don't wanna wait the 2 weeks, just go in and do the shittiest job you can do so you get fired and get unemployment. :ey:
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    thats disgusting!!!!!lol yeah i dont wana look like that:D

    for sure dude. im just pissed off all the time and i find myself smokin so many cigs and so much chronic when i get off work its rediculous. and with that, i start school which is gonna be 8 hours a week and idk if i could handle that stress. im already pissed off at life lol but a mother fucker threw ranch on my car the other night. i swear if i acctually saw him im pretty sure i woulda been out of that drive through window and fukin shit up lol.jack in the box is bad for your health mentally and physically lol.it turns depression into anger lol not sure if thats good or bad but yeah im givin em my 2 weeks and im out!

    edit-and thanks for the advice dude
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    I know where you are coming from, and honestly I wouldn't blame you if you did quit. I've been in that situation a number of times and each time I quit and walked away. It feels great, for about two weeks. Once you've burnt through your final paycheck, and realize that you have no prospects for future employment things start to get a little dicey. Every time I walked away from a job, I always regretted it. Find something else first if you can, no one likes being in the broke mooch state of living.

    You can even take a couple weeks off for yourself. Just tell your new employer that you cant start until 2 weeks after your interview.

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