I think im gonna die.

Discussion in 'General' started by GroTrees, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. This right now is the third time ive done painkillers too get fucked up and once again im sitting in my room wincing feeling the worst pain ever, sweating and thinking im about to have a heart attack. the first two times i did codeine this time i took 5 vicodins and twice the recomended amount of this cough syrup with hydrocodone, i feel wicket delirious and stuff when i did it with codeine i also drank beer so i thought it might have been the beer but still didnt wanna do codeine again, now im getting the same feeling with this vicodin, i took it at 12:15 and its 230 now, the bad pain started around 1:40 i was feeling great before then, anyway i dont know why im writing this, jus really trying to kill sometime browsing through here and i thought id pass on some advice while im at it, anyway painkillers and pharmas are bad man, dont do them its not worth it stick to the herb later
  2. It's all in your head?
  3. i thought of that but i really dont think so its starting to wear off now i still feel delirious but i only feel sick now, idk maybe it is all in my head, maybe im allergic to somethin, does this happen to anyone else?
  4. idk ive been feeling damn good for the past hour now, i should be sleeping cuz i have to get up in an hour, but im jus feeling great the only thing bugging me is my jaw it feels so heavy, im gonna go lay down for a while i just read 13 pages of the whut whould ur parents do if they caught u thread i cant read any more, peace
  5. We all gonna die .lts just a matter of when.[​IMG]
  6. after my las post where i said i was feeling great and was goin to lay down i took one last big gulp of diet coke before i layed down, but u kno how that shit makes u burp and it was just enough to upset my stomach and i threwup five times feelin alright now tho especially now that i dont have to goto school, all in all good night, still pharmas=bad stick to the trees
  7. stick to the herb and all is fine my friend.
  8. No high is worth that, pills aren't too good for you anyway (imagine if you became addicted and had to deal with this regularly). I'm guessing you took too much and it f*cked with your stomach and liver.

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