I think im going to die a virgin

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  1. Well, not completely, but I have been having horrific thoughts...

    So I am 18 (male) and about to graduate in the spring from high school and go on to Arizona State University and I am a virgin. For a little sexual backround..I have gotten a blow job(s) by one girl my entire life, and ate her out and did everything but sex with her. I have made out with about 5 other girls and fingered two of them but never got any action myself.
    It seems like everyone in my grade is having sex and has been having sex for years. Everyone except me. and this is the thing..I am not trying to save it at all..I really really really want to have sex. Now that my reputation has basically been solidified for high school and the way it is and based on the friends that I have, I really dont see myself having sex before college and it sucks. I have passed up sex with two girls before bascially because I was just not attracted to them sexually or in any way actually.
    As of right now though I would bascially have sex with anything walking. I just dont spit the right game to get the girls in bed..and as of right now I dont even have any girls I'm working on. This whole thing has been going on for a while ( me thinking about having sex and not being able to)
    So the other day as I was thinking about this I had the horrific thought that wow im going to die a virgin.I know this wont really happen but who knows. So what do you guys think? Is sex easy to get in college? or what? WILL I EVER GET LAID!!! oh and the worst part is I have a 7 1/2 in. dick that is just waiting to come out!!
  2. You're the 3rd person that's made a post about this,

    and you're also the 3rd person I'm going to recommend ecstasy to.
  3. Yeah you will get laid in college no problem. Its like a bunch of girls get in college away from their parents or something and just go wild.
  4. if your really that desperate. how bout paying?
  5. dude you're going to ASU, if you're not getting laid there it is a problem. I've only visited there once, went to a party with a friend and bedded a nice blonde within 45 minutes of walking in the door. You're gonna be in the middle of the desert, the only thing to do is drink blaze and fuck
  6. ive never been there, but thats all i here about is the hott ass girls.
  7. Oh shut up. You'll be fine don't stress it so much. Chicks are always horny, especially when we're high. College will expose you to plenty of these so just chilllllllllllllllllllllllllll. Life is great, sex is great, weed is great, just live high and wait for everything else to flow into place man.
  8. ASU? You'll get laid no prob. One of the biggest party schools.
  9. Dude, I thought the same thing.

    You'll find some. It's there, you just gotta find it. Then fuck it.
  10. Ooooh, do me yo-yo master I want you to do me cuz you're the yo-yo guy...
  11. Remember going to college is the ultimate clean slate. Nobody gives a shit about what you did in high school. In that your going to ASU where there is insane parties and tons of hot/horny girls. Just be open about the fact you havnt lost your V-card and be chill about it. Its the attitude that will get you. Just tell girls that you are and you want to find the right girl that will make for a good first time for ya. If you play your cards right they will say something like"oh thats so cute" or some crap like that and youll be good to go. Just remember after you lose it you wont make any rational decisions the next 35 or so years of your life.
  12. !qft!
  13. I'm going to ecu soon and I know I'm gonna get some pussy. All the chicks there don't give a fuck about school, they are there to party.
    I hope the clean slate is true because I have had my fair share of mishaps in high school
  14. its gonna happen trust me i lost mine at 19 and i thought i was doomed to live a life of jacking off and video games. God just isnt that cruel. I thought like you did. then for whatever reason i just knew id begetting laid i dont know how or when i just knew it be soon and a few months later BAM!

    Now im 22 and i cant count the Bjs and sex ive had. It will happen dude i promise You just have to think so too!
  15. beggars can't be choosers.
  16. the air is fresher now that im free. im working 4 chicks atm. the guy who gets rejected the most leaves with the most numbers. remember that unless your name is george clooney. have no fear of getting rejected, that was my problem for awhile.
  17. lol its gonna be ok dude...ASU has mad hot bitches. dont be a fuckin nerd, and start smokin Ls(yes this will help ur quest) if u pull out a dutch and skill that shit it will get em.
  18. Made me laugh so hard i croked a bong. +rep
  19. thats about as well put as it can get. but dont worry bout it dude, you will. and now that uve waited so long youll probly jizz like 3 times..
  20. ^let her suck on it first and finish once that way

    then you can have your fun and last longer than the average guy cashin in the V-card

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