I think im going to buy this what are your opinions on this pipe?

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    So I was looking at somthing on this site that I wouldnt mind having here is a link to it.
    Cannabuds Pipe - Don Cannabinol - Dutch - Grasscity.com

    i think its the perfect pipe for when i wanna smoke alone...like the bowl looks a little bit tiny...but thats okay, plus it looks nifty.
  2. It looks extremely corny.
  3. Yea it is a little dumb tbh. IMO metal sucks and if you can avoid that then glass is a great choice.
  4. haha yeah idk it looked funny earlier when i was blazed..idk if i get anyhting ima buy a bong off here...like one thts almost 2 ft or somthing like 21 inches..
  5. Check out your local headshop dudeski. You won't have to worry about waiting on it to come and you can go in, get it and go home and smoke and yeah woooooo.
  6. yea dude my local headshop is the only one i know of here and they are hella expensive like 60 plus bucks for a glass piece tht i see on here for 20...online is way easier and cheaper
  7. Dont forget shipping and handling fees!
  8. Stick with glass. My friend and I were at a head shop and my buddy was thinking about buying a pipe that looked like the one from National Treasure.


    Except not with the castle they were kind of cool but the material was iffy so we had to ask the guy like we were talking about tabacco and he basically gave us a long lecture about how glass is way better in every way I already felt like that but my friend got his mind changed by that.

    My point is nothing but glass unless the item was ridiculously cheap for what it is. And that Cannabuds thing looks corny and is metal. There are way cooler pipes on this website for good prices.

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