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i think im going crosseyed when im high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dirtystall, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. hello people, i have been smoking weed for 3 years, recently i have noticed my eyes feel wierd, or stuff gets blurry, took a picture and it tripped me out. when im not high tho everything straight.. has anyone had this happen before?

  2. it happens to me all the time ..i wish i knew what caused it...other than the fact that im high
  3. I feel my vision get a bit blurry while I'm hittin the bowl and it seems really close to my face when its not. Other than that not really much crosseyes or anything like that.
  4. happened to me today it was real bad and then i put clear eyes in one of my eyes and forgot to put it in the other, like ten minutes later the one with the clear eyes was normal sized and the non-clear eyes was still chinky so then i put the clear eyes in the eye that needed it and it slowly got back to normal
  5. hey man, maybe its cause you get so chink-eyed your eyelashes make everything burry, but your so high you don't even notice! Just a theory ;l
  6. i like how people blow up when you say n i g g e r on this forum, but "chinkeyed" causes no response whatsoever.

    i have no idea why youre eyes do that, everyone is different, maybe take a break?
  7. i can always feel the high in my eyes. pretty sure its just normal...i do wear contact lenses...that may be it. but its not that they get DRY..i dono its hard to explain.
  8. i dont kno i smoke alot of weed and even when im not high i usually feel a little but high, its pretty cool
  9. Well I notice that my right eye lid sits slightly lower than my left one, i notice it more than anyone else. Anyone dealing with this problem ? haha
  10. I get a twitch under my right eye, only when I'm baked. Hehe. It's kind of annoying, actually.
  11. ye old topic but I'll revive it from the dead lol thanks Google.

    Anyhow ya it happens to me. High, drunk, tired, but not when sober. Just happens bro.
  12. wow, i've been feeling the same way. Sometimes ill stare off at something and realize that everything's blurry. It's starting to freak me out.
  13. It happened to me too, only when I was sober but eventually after a while my left eye kind of stayed fucked (goes a bit too far out so it looks weird if you pay attention to it) it used to make me uncomfortable because it would look weird but i don’t really mind it now, i would feel my eye really low and stiff when really baked

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