I think I'm getting a glass blowing apprenticeship :O

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  1. After searching everywhere to get a job so I could save up for glass blowing classes, and dying just to work with glass I finally found my dream job (for now of course). I stumbled upon this post

    "Seeking an individual interested in learning how to blow glass(lampwork). I am looking for someone to help with prep work and simple production work of functional glass, as well as other tasks susch as keeping the shop clean,ordering raw materials, etc. I will provide all equipment necessary as well as training for the right motivated individual. Part time leading to full time."

    Notice he said "functional glass", I emailed him how much it would mean if I could have this job and he replied asking if I was still interested. He is also paying $8-$10 for something I'd actually pay to learn/do

    I'm pretty happy i've been searching everywhere for a teacher and this guy seems pretty straight

    Will keep you posted :yay:
  2. lucky bastard
  3. brb searching craigslist for similar opportunity

    congrats man:smoke:

  4. haha thats exactly what i did but usually nothings turn up, this time i got lucky :eek:
  5. Sounds great! I'm determined to take up glass blowing as a tradeskill some day.
  6. That is fantastic bro. What a great opportunity to learn and practice without shelling out funds for classes and your own equipment. I hope you become the next Deppe. :D

  7. me too, i'm friends with him on facebook and he posts some crazy shit
  8. lucky! good luck thats like the dream job. other then running a dispensary
  9. Make sure you check the "fine print"... get EVERYTHING in writing of what is expected of you and what's expected for you to get from them. Get a timeline from them as far as how long they will hold your hand through this, what you are going to learn, and how long they expect to keep you. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT or else you could get seriously screwed over! We've seen it before. If you suck, they'll kick you right out the door. If you're good, they could take advantage of you throughout the entire time.

    Let's see some pictures of this glassblowers work too.

    We pay our apprentices if they have glassblowing experience. If you do not have any experience, we do not pay you and you pay us with your time. It's like a tattoo apprenticeship..... who is going to teach you how to tattoo, use up their shop space during that training time, and loose money from that used chair just getting a trainee out of it. Most art apprenticeships run like that.

    PM if you have questions about what dude is telling you. I'll try and help you out with seeing what his intentions are. I hate seeing people get screwed over in this situation.

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