i think im empathic

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    I pick up other peoples feelings and moods easily. I've always been told I scare people because I can tell them there inner most feelings when there most voulnerable and I don't eve know it. Stressed out people tend to give me anxiety attacks. Especially when I let them in my house. When I looked up the deffinition of empathic it seemed to fit perfectly. The trouble is how do I hone this ability so that there's an on and off switch. There's way too many stressed out people these days and I get anxious more easily depending on who's around me.
  2. Yeah but what good does calling yourself an "empath" do. It's just a silly, pretentious label.

    Letting other people's feelings affect your own is not a positive trait. (A trait that occassionally I have also:eek:)
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    Your right, as ussual it seems lol. But still how do you stop it.

  4. You can't it's a gift and a curse. Both me and you need to learn how to help people (or sometimes avoid people) without it actually changing our own feelings.
  5. i have decided avoiding them (the people) is best......
    anything elts drags me down with them.....
  6. Don't involve yourself with them during those times, i know what your saying humans have sort of a physic ability to read emotions and communicate.
  7. Dont make yourself a martyr for other people's needs...it does have an impact on your energy...you just have to watch who you let around you on a regular basis.

    Being sensitive to others energy comes easy to those that HAVE empathy for others.
  8. In my experience, most people who claim themselves as "empaths" are nothing more than normal human beings, who don't understand that all of humanity can pick up on feelings and vibes. Some can just ignore it to a greater degree than others.

    I have never met an "empath" who could actually read me properly. Everybody can pick up on subtle clues, and from your description OP, I think that's all you're doing.

  9. my nana called in natural human intuition.....
    she also said most ignore it...;):smoking:
  10. yeah. just because it dosnt work the way most people like to think dosnt mean its not something some people pay more attention to. all in all i wish i could just ignore a lot of things like most people, but i cant help at seeing/understanding something most people simply take for granted.

  11. believe i feel you there......
  12. The energy from others has a definite effect on your own consciousness and energy, it happens to everyone. There is nothing you can do about it other than to not let yourself be around people who's energy you don't like.
  13. So you're claiming to have supernatural powers because you can tell the way someone is feeling?
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    Its not some new agey metaphisical power. It just seems to be the only definition that fits the bill. Generally I'm very practical, and logically the simplest black and white deffinition of something (such as an experience) tends to hold the most weight. Not to mention I'm also well educated, so I know science often tries to explain things that's already been understood for thousands of years. Sometimes science (whather its phyiscs, medicine, or psychology) is absolutely right but most of the time it tries very hard not to become superstition. I'm diagnosed wit bipolar but if you look at the deffinitions of bipolar then look at empathic its pretty easy to see what's going on here. When you also take into account much of modern medicineis still highly experimental you can see bipolar is an umbrella diagnoses for something that can not be understood. Additionally I'm just askin how do you stop feeling others emotional bagage like everyone else seems to be able to do. For me its not feeling others emotions is as alien as feeling them is to you.
  15. It all comes down to judgement. Learn to control your judgements and you won't feel your absorbing anything. It's mainly an analysed reflection to yourself IMO.. if anything, just do it without the mirror.
  16. you should look up "indigo children". Perhaps that information will be helpful to you.
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    I can experience something similar when I'm not as still or present as I should be. The feeling of who people are, what they need, what I can do, how I can help, can be very strong. I can find myself being pulled so much in their direction that it can be difficult to know when to let go.

    Finding stillness is the key. I practice a form of meditation that uses music that is known to cause hemispheric resonance or whole-brain syncronization. Very good for bringing you to exactly where you are.
  18. Yeah, I agree. I mean, I have what the OP has, but I think it's just me being sensitive - typical psychology.

    And I am indeed sensitive. I'm a sever at a restaurant, and I'm right smack in the middle of double drama (sometimes triple) - Customer drama, other server drama (some are real bitches), and manager drama.

    So yeah, I picked a hell of a job, but it's all I can get at the moment and the money is good. Anyways...
  19. Bro its not a problem to feel empathetic, for one reason or another people will feel empathic towards something. It seems like it is the core of who you are as a person, this is you, you are an empathetic person and how you try channel those feelings whether outwardly or inwardly(your case) just give yourself a reason not to. One being it is detrimental to your mental health as said, so its not always good to feel empathetic towards people i say but you could try being sympathetic in that you understand their situation just not adopting their vibes. All in all, do not unlearn this natural behavior of yours, try to use it for good works or whatnot i say it is who your are and thats all that counts.

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