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I think I'm done with weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by loops93, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I dont want to stop smoking, but I have to. For the last months I felt depersonalized and I didn't really care but these times it is worse. Weed is prolly the cause because I started feeling like that not too long after I started smoking the herb. I also found out that a medication that i took for several months had depersonalization for side effect (rare but can happen). Maybe it is the cause but I doubt it.

    I'm gonna do my best to get out of that nightmare that is depersonalization.
    I read about it. Omega 3's, eating right, vitamins, getting enough sleep, exercising. All of this can help.

    It really sucks that I have to stop smoking because I love it! Plus most of my friends smoke so I'm gonna be very tempted.

    Does anyone here had to deal with this? :confused:
  2. Well, no i haven't but if I was you i would stay off the herb for a good 2-3 months and see where that takes you. If no changes, hell come on back. Also i advise trying a different med as that might be that cause. Good luck mate
  3. Oh yea guy, I've learned to embrace the chaos instead of fight it, though. I honestly feel as if depersonalization/disassociation were the best things to happen to me. Really gave me a chance to reflect on who I am at the core. I can understand why it would be scary, though. Eventually you'll learn to embrace what you cannot subside, much luck to you brother.
  4. I once thought about quitting weed forever because I didn't like how I felt when I was high. I would suffer from extreme anxiety and would become very paranoid. By paranoid, I don't mean thinking the cops were after me or anything like that. Rather, it was trying to decipher every little thing my friends would say. I kept thinking they were trying to personally attack me.

    Obviously, this a personal problem that really only comes out when I smoke. Instead of trying to confront what was causing the issue, I thought I could stop smoking and ignore it. That wasn't the answer though. I had to face my problems then go back to enjoying weed.
  5. Hey man, I really do understand exactly what your going through. I also love the herb and dont wanna stop but i've been feeling derealization and depersonalization after 3 years of everyday use (3 times a day) IMO, a tolorance break should do the trick.. if your feeling like this, it might have to be a decently long break. So try that and I wish you the best. Peace.

  6. Yeah well that's what i thought, maybe take a 3 months break, get better and IF I get better, I MIGHT try another time and see if it has the same effects on me.

    For a while I didn't really care, like i was used to it and it wasn't awful everyday but it started being worse last few weeks.
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    If you need to 'trick' your brain into a different mindset, by not smoking weed, then by all means,
    do it if it's actually going to help you get your mind healthy :)

    It's similar to a placebo effect; you feel that, because you are 'actively doing something' about it,
    that something good will come of it. And often times, something will.

    The same goes, if you're already in an 'iffy' state of mind, and you've already set your mind in
    motion to respond or to act under the impression that cannabis is somehow a problem, or
    counterproductive for you, the you will certainly feel remorse, guilt, depersonalization,
    and other nasty feelings when you partake. Cannabis is definitely comforting in times of stress and
    duress, it's also enjoyable, and both those usually enjoyable aspects can often make people feel
    Even if it's not true that it is directly causing you problems, and even when it a substance is
    not chemically causing you harm, you are causing yourself psychological harm, just by
    feeling that it does. In this case, sometimes it can help to stop the guilty behavior, until you
    get a handle on it.

    But the items which I highlighted in your above post, are probably the two most
    crucial points you've brought up... the first: you were on a different chemical or medication that
    actually causes such side-effects. Depersonalization induced by pharmaceutical medication, can
    take just as long to reverse, it can linger for a long time after you stop taking the medication.

    And the second part I highlighted, you can do even while smoking, with great mental and physical benefits. :hello:

    If it really troubles you to give it up, why not instead try to improve your health and lifestyle in
    other more-obvious areas first; make sure you're not bored and that you're being
    , keep your mind active, get your diet in order or mix things up a
    even if it's already pretty healthy, also be sure you exercise enough, and that your
    sleep regimen is not counter-productive.

    And finally, when it comes to cannabis use itself, you could give yourself a few healthy
    methods, as well... changing up your usual smoking regime, and doing things a little
    differently when you partake, may help you break through the mindset that it's somehow responsible
    for any issues you may be having, it can lessen the connection you have to any negative feelings
    you may get, from smoking the same, habitual way, that you always have. For starters, if you smoke
    primarily in your room, start smoking somewhere else. If that's not possible, reorganize and rearrange
    the furniture in your room.

    Instead of a lighter, try a hemp wick or glass wand. Eliminating the byproducts of burning
    lighter fluid
    can help immensely. Treat yourself to a nice new piece. Instead of joints or dry
    pipes, try bubblers and bongs... or a vaporizer. :) Or edibles ;)








    Sometimes people just need a change, and we need something a little new to keep us interested in
    life.. it's easy to become a bit depressed and depersonalized, doing, and eating the same things, day
    in, and day out.
    Depersonalization, and detachment from day to day life... the sensation that your mind is trying to
    drastically alter the way you feel about the same activities, or when you feel an unreal or
    disconnected sense of anxiety, suddenly blended into your usually-comfortable routine... when the
    same things stop feeling the same, and worse they start feeling uncomfortable, it can very often
    mean you need a little change.

    It's very similar to why you shouldn't let caged animals stay in the same surroundings, while eating
    the same foods, for too long at a stretch.
  8. Man, don't be done with weed. Just simply take a break for a bit. I do it once in awhile just to get my priorities set straight and my life in check.
  9. The de-personalization you feel is your inner core being awakened....go with not fight it....
  10. Dude I totally have depersonalization/disassociation
  11. i felt the same way, i smoked everyday, multiple times a day for like 9 months

    But after it all, i smoke like 4-5 days a week now, exercise, eat healthy.
    AND THE MAIN THING, a POSITIVE mind frame, get yourself motivated, dont talk yourself into being depressed, etc. pull yourself up
  12. God damn people......
  13. What's up loops? :wave: :laughing:

    To all if you that feel this way:

    I have this too.
    Step one: don't freak out. You're not going insane. It DOES go away. Remember that.
    Step two: take omega 3 everyday. Been taking it for two weeks, I feel better. But I heard it takes about a month to feel normal.
    Step three: go easy on the green. Its always gunna be there. Weed seems to intensify DP.
    Step four: sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet is a must.

    Tips: I've found that keeping myself busy helps so much. I write music, poetry, more music, art, etc. Keep your mind off of it and youll feel better. Hang out with friends, just try not to be alone all the tine. It makes it worse for me.

  14. yeah im gonna do all of this. i noticed that when you dont have enough sleep, depersonlization is WAY worse.
  15. I feel the same, and the stress an depressions is letting me sleep only 3-5 hours a night. It's catching up to me :(
  16. that fruit bowl looks fucking delicious. brb store.

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