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I think I'm doing something wrong...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PurpleHaze312, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi, this is my second time smoking. I've got a couple grams and a small pipe as long as my lighter.

    What I tried was to take some weed and pull what seems to be the flakes off of the little stems. Then I take those flakes and throw some into the bowl. When it's about 3/4 full I press it down a little, just enough so it stays together, but barely. Then I take my lighter and hold the flame near the bowl and I suck on the pipe so the flame lights the bud. I do sucking just enough to get the flame to touch the bud and I do it for about a second. I then remove the lighter and suck in the flame. I then take as big a breath as I can and hold it for about a second before I start coughing. (I never smoked anything before though, not even cigarettes).

    Whats then left in the bowl is what looks like ash. I thought maybe there's more to smoke at the bottom so I light it up again and take another pull. But this time the smoke has a nastier flavor and kinda burns my mouth/throat. I then clean out the ash and watch tv for a bit.

    I'm pretty sure I didn't get high. And I didn't get high the first time I tried either, which happened very similarly. And wonder if I'm doing something wrong... am i missing something in the preparation stage, am I packing it right, or enough?

    Any detailed help would be very appreciated :wave:
  2. Dude, you're over-thinking this.

    Pick off some bud off the stem. Put it in the bowl, as much as you want. Light the weed in the bowl, and suck in while your lighting it. You only need to light it for a second, the weed in the bowl should burn.

    If there's a carb on the bowl (a small hole near the top of the bowl), make sure to cover it with your thumb while you light and suck in. Let go of the carb when your done taking your hit, but still inhaling (this clears all smoke out of the pipe into your lungs).

    Hold in for a few seconds, and exhale.

    It took me about 3 smoke sessions until I first got high.
  3. How much do you think I need to use? One half bowl, pack it a couple times?

    Also, after you light it once and smoke, do you clean out the ash, or try to take another hit? Like I said the second hit i tried resulted in a bad taste...
  4. Once you take your hit, stire the bowl around a bit with your fingers or lighter, if it's still mostly black with some green there are more hits in it.

    If it's all black and white like ash, empty it and pack a new bowl.

    Do about 3/4 of a bowl or as much as you want.

    It can take a lot of people many, many sessinons to get high.

    What will really help you is if you have experienced friends. They can tell you what to do.

    Good luck, and happy toking.
  5. it should be obvious whether or not youre getting a good, full hit. of smoke.

    if you arent, make sure what you do have in the bowl is completely covering the hole in the bottom, enough to make a seal. otherwise youre just sucking air and fire thru your pipe.
  6. Alright, thanks.

    Another quick question, for someone who has never smoked cigarettes or anything else, I'm really not used to the smoke and it makes me cough every time I take a hit, and it makes my throat burn. I can still feel that I smoked in my throat and I smoked like an hour ago.

    How long/how many times did you smoke before if started to feel natural?
  7. Wow, that is EXACTLY what happened to me lol...hopefully I can do it right tonight.
  8. Also, I usually have to inhale like really fast to have the flame go in...I should just let it touch the tip and then stop...and keep inhaling?
  9. you have to get used to sucking burnt plant matter down your throat. its not really ideal to be smoking anything, but if youre going to smoke, cannabis is the way to go. you'll get used to it, but you should look into getting a vapor brothers.
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    True, you're over thinking it. But this happens with any beginner. Focus on the smoke itself. When you light the bowl you should be sucking in, pulling the smoke into your mouth. Suck on it like the straw to a milkshake, when you've filled your mouth with a little smoke take the pipe away and inhale. Trying to get the smoke deep into your lungs, and holding for up to 3 seconds. If you cant hold it, you took in TOO MUCH SMOKE. I like to exhale a little bit of the hit then take another deep breathe, then exhale some more and take another deep breathe. It's like 3 hits if you do it right. Good luck with it, and keep smokin'.

    Edit: To deal with lighting of the weed, you should be lighting it until it can continue burning on its own. The first hit you should use the lighter almost the whole hit, or until it actually burning and you can see the red. At this point as long as you keep pulling, it will keep rolling until it's all burned up. If it catches on fire you used the lighter too much. You should be using the lighter sparingly.
  11. Vape is out of the question for me lol.

    I was also wondering, they say how marijuana has like more tar than wouldn't that make it like really bad for you? But I mean there hasn't been a death ever related to does that work?
  12. Well, that statistic says no deaths from OVERDOSEAGE of MJ. It doesn't say no death as an indirect cause of smoking MJ.

    Secondly, you may need more than 2 hits of a pipe to get high; and judging by how you describe the coughing: I'd say you need to try some smaller hits. Smoke comfortably..don't try and force it down.
  13. Why is vape out of the question? They are so delicious and easy on your throat/lung. I would definitely suggest a first timer to use a vape so they get the effects without the complication of using a spoon. Just insert weed and suck :)
    :smoke: :smoke:
  14. Well I mean I would love to have that, but I can't really get my hands on one...and don't have anywhere to put it without getting it seen!
  15. *cough* under 18 *cough*

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
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    ...or I am 18 and just live with my parents and they would probably kick me out if they found me smoking weed ;).
  17. its really not that hard lol but it seems liek you were doing it right OP...and the coughing will go away kinda... and youll get used to it with time......also make sure if the bud is still charied when your about to take another hit (the bud is still red and burning) you dont torch it again cus thats kinda wasting bud just take another hit and keep doing so until the red in the bud is gone then light again
  18. You just need to fucking inhale and exhale. And relax.

    I like the name considering youve only smoked twice lol. "purple haze"
  19. If you are only taking one toke and then ashing the bowl, you can definitely take a couple more ( I dont know how big your bowl is so maybe not). Like someone said before, just kind of mix it around with your finger. You can also push down on the bowl and if it all feels like a powder without any solid chunks, it is, for the most part, done. Just take smaller tokes and keep some water with you when you toke.
  20. lol ya dude its not a super dainty proccess just throw a bud or part of one (depending on bud size)in the bowl put the flame to the weed so its burning and suck then inhale remove finger from carb and stop lightin when u gots urself enough smoke

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