i think i'm digits long lost twin?

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, May 13, 2003.

  1. me and digtit have, practically, the same out look on Everything. Not sure, but, did your parents ever say that you had a brother? or if your adopted? cause i think we've got the same blood running through our veins;).
  2. I think we're up to five shoddy digit clones now, this is getting out of control

    did you grow up near some sort of unliscensed nuclear facility digit? or maybe your father was z mad scientist...

    oh well, the clone menace must be stopped
  3. lol....he's not too far from dounray...(bad spelling)......it's a nuclear processing plant i think..........Peace out.....Sid

    maybe some escaped....(in fact i know it does).....and got over to him, from a fish he caught and ate..........lol....
  4. what country do you live in, dig?
  5. he's from Scotland.......(answering in his absence....hope you don't mind digit?....)........Peace out.......Sid
  6. hello my fellow clones.

    i have a question for you... what makes you think i am the first? :p

    yep... there's me, Krazi, hippieJ, Elementxero, kexin (had to include him, he started the clone wars).

    Sid... you anger me by answering for me! you shall feel the wrath of my nuclear clones! sik him boys! heehee. lol
  7. grrraaaaaaarggggghhhhhh!!!!

  9. OK lets clarify this. All digit clones post there age.

  10. -2 (minus 2 not 2) years old :D i am an experimental digit foetus with all knowledge and beliefs of all the digit clones, i will rise up through the ranks and destroy capitalism !!! :D hehe
  11. so now we just need; digit (of corse), krazihare, and elementxero.
  12. <-- 19

    I can't remember if Digit's ever said his age, but for some reason I'm pretty sure he's older than me
  13. 21 ... eek. maybe i am the original :p
  14. k, now we need element xero, but wait, dig has been here the longest, technically, hes the original. we'll still wait for elementxero, though.
  15. im sure switch & toosicks have some of the genes too. ;)
  16. I think it's nurture rather than nature- I think we're all just mad crazy bastards who think too much...

    Digit: No Switch, I am your father
    Switch: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    See when Luke originally said that what he was thinking was: THAT ARSEHOLE SCREWED MY MUM!!!

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