I think I'm allergic, please help!

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    Ok, so I usually smoke Middies and nothing happens. But last night I smoked some crazy heddies, best weed ever. I smoked at like 8, then at 3 I woke up and looked like I had poison ivy everywhere except on my face. All up my thighs, arms, starting on my back, stomach, ankles. but then this morning I was fine. Please help, is this the weed, or is it something completely unrelated. Like I said, I smoke alot, but this was the first time smoking weed that in 2 hits knocks you on your ass.

    It's definetly hives, and it seems to be reoccuring on my leg.
  2. Well obviously that's a sign that you should send me said weed for analysis.

  3. Lol, I just really hope im not allergic to it. Ive been smokin weed for over a year now so Idk what happened
  4. Ahhh yes send it to my labs so I can run a few test, only send pounds though so we have enough for trial and error.
  5. In my opinion, give it another try if you can and see if you have the same reaction.
  6. Didn't get the munchies on something that might have set you off?
  7. No you didn't Well it wasnt the weed anyway. If it had been the weed the reaction would probably been inflamation of the lungs and throat. Your skin rash was probably from another source.

    Unless you were rubbing it all over your body....
  8. ....

    You're not supposed to do that?
  9. Doesn't everyone bathe in their weed before smoking it? It's supposed to be good luck.
  10. Hahah.

    Allergies can form overnight to just about anything. I'd step back though and trace everything you did that night. What you ate, what you slept in, any chemicals that you had contact with, any abnormal smoking methods, etc...

    Also, I agree with trying it again. Smoke it again (if possible) and see if you get the same results. Smoke what you'd normally smoke as well, and see if that stems anything. Good luck, and hopefully you haven't developed a weed allergy.
  11. Ok, thanks all! I will try it again. It would suck if I'm allergic. I've heard of cases before. Hopefully not. I'll keep you guys updated.
  12. Shit, I didn't even smoke today and it seems to be reoccuring. Any ideas people?
  13. I actually get a poison ivy-ish rash when I smoke a lot.
    It's itchy, and a little bumpy, and it can last for anywhere from 1-3 days, depending on how much I smoked.
    When I'm with some of my friends, we smoke a whole fucking lot, and I always seem to get that itchiness.
    It's never stopped me from smoking though.
  14. Ya. This is pissin me off, I don't want a fuckin rash. And yes it's definetly hives. Which pisses me off because ive been smokin for like a year and now it happens, what the fuck!:cry:
  15. Well if you aren't smoking and it is occurring still, I'd look at everything else you're doing. What your showering with, what detergent your using, deodorant, cologne, etc... Perhaps something you're eating. If you continue to keep getting a rash like this and don't think it's from smoking, I'd recommend a dermatologist and get the allergy test done.
  16. Yeah, you could be allergic to weed. My buddy has the same problem. We tested this buy rubbing a little nug on his arm and sure enough, it reacted. This doesnt stop him from smoking tho. Also, he says only top notch dank makes him react this way.

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