i think im addicted to the city.......are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by taitpeter, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. im pretty sure im addicted to the city, i love it here..........is anybody else ?
  2. shut up nuke you know you're addicted. lol

    *raises hand*

    edit: aww shucks dnuke erased his post lol
  3. After this many years and being member number 11, l think l,am addicted :smoking:
  4. yea i love going here .. it's like a new hobby you can't get tired of

  5. Hah, don't act tough Critter, you wern't even in the top 10. ;)

    But for real, any idea who the first 10 members were? And any idea how many are still up and kicking today?
  6. yeah yeah so I wait, click, refresh, all the time! Im just waiting on YOU folks!!
  7. yea i'ma GCaddict... i spend most of my life here..... well when i'm on the computer at least.

  8. tell me about it lol! click, refresh, click, refresh................

  9. OH, ILL tell yea about it!! click, refresh! click,, refresh!! click refresH!!! lol :D
  10. I get my daily dose of the grasscity :smoking:
    Just have to visit at least once a day.
  11. been living in the city my whole life. I think it's pretty awesome.

    I wouldn't mind finding myself a secluded log cabin somewhere to grow some "green" ;)
  12. /\ He means addicted to grasscity, not the actualy city you live in. I would love to leave the area i live, way to shit to be living in, with the risks of being mugged, killed, etc, every time you leave the house.
  13. I have been to alot of forums over the last few years and all of them havent been that great but this one seems different to me. Everyone is much nicer in the city than any other forum I have been too. I think I will stick around this one for a while

  14. sounds good to us!! :D
  15. Why thank you. The city is a really good forum besides its the only forum thats pothead friendly.

  16. there are a few other weed friendly forums out there but they really arent worth it. really boring topics ALL the time. not just occasionaly.

  17. this forum is the BEST. I decided to come in here because most of the other "grass" forums were filled with 11 year olds with questions like "Does weed really get you high?" and a classic, "can I OD on weed?"

    let's just say here it's a bit more "serious" :)

  18. very very true........gc is deffinetly the best forum out there
  19. I'm addicted. I don't post hardly ever, but I sure read every post that comes through here.

    I look at other people's pictures and talk about weed to cover up the fact I haven't had any in weeks

  20. Hi my name is GLADIVS, and I am a GRASSAHOLIC. -----insert claps------


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