I think I was almost abducted as a child...

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  1. When I was a little kid, we lived about 2-3 minutes from the local beach. In the summer, we would go all the time. They had a playground, and it was a fun and easy way to keep the kids entertained.

    In the playground, they had this fake fire-truck that us kids would play on. It had fake steering wheels, fake hose, all the stuff that would keep a 4-year old little boy preoccupied and entertained.

    I remember I was playing on it alone one day, and this guy came up to me and was talking to me. He was about 40 and seemed huge to me, but that was probably because I was so small. He was wearing a blue T-shirt, cargo shorts, and ray-ban style sunglasses. He knelt down and talked to me. Eventually he was asking if I wanted to go get ice cream. The beach had a concession stand which was a five minute walk from the playground.

    I ended up not going, my dad probably called for me or something. It's pretty weird thinking about it. Who knows what would have happened if I went with him.

    My parents don't believe me, they think I made up this story but I remember it clearly. It still freaks me out, and I didn't really understand the situation until I was much older.
  2. best not to dwell on it mate.
  3. Why the fuck would your parents think you're making it up?

  4. No idea. They think that I can't remember anything in such detail from when I was that little. They say that I think that it happened. Technically, they could be right... but I think it did happen.
  5. They could be right, but I'm not saying you're wrong. People tend to take dreams they had when they were younger and associate them with reality, like it actually happened. Actually scratch that, I just made that up.

    The question really is, if your dad called for you, he probably saw a creepy guy by you. So why didn't he kick his ass?

  6. Parents do this sometimes... it may be bc they've always felt their kid always lies, or they just don't want to think about it, one of the "That could never happen to me" state of mind, you know?

    My mom doesn't seem to believe me with a lot of important things I've told her, and I think it's bc she doesn't want to feel like a bad mom.
  7. Did he have sex offender eyes?
  8. I'm pretty sure he just wanted some ice cream.
  9. QFT :smoke:
  10. Naw the only question you needa ask is if he had a molestache.
    For real so many child molesters have mustaches
  11. i know, youd think child molesters would do all they can to NOT look like a child molester, but they always end up looking the same.
  12. Your parents probably dont want you to remember it. That kind of thing can fuck up a kid. I bet your dad saw him and thats why he called you. They were probably hoping they could convince you it didnt happen or something
  13. I dont see how that could fuck up a child so hiding it is the best option...

    If a random stranger approached my child, i would inform the child of how careful you have to be around strangers and not to go away with them..

    That and the fact a random man approached them would be enough to show you have to be careful.

    Lieing puts the child in a state of false security which is exactly what those fiends pry on.

    Oh and way to make massive generalizations about pedophiles guys. No they dont all have moustaches.
  14. That's pretty creepy. I remember this one time when I was a little kid probably 6 or 7 and I was ice skating, kept falling over and this man helped me up and held my hand and skated around the rink a few times. I told my mum and she was like horrified and said he was a pedophile, I don't think he was though... I think he was just being nice. In your case though OP he sounds like Chris Hansen material.
  15. I've got a lot of odd memories from my childhood, but like one of the above post mentioned, I can't tell if they were just dreams or events that actually took place.
    Kind of a mind-fuck when I think about them.

    But, at least you can say that you escaped potential molestation. :hello:

    Then again, you may have just missed out on some bomb ice cream...
  16. Damn, I had something like this happen when I was like 8-9. I was riding my bike up and down my block and a car pulled up beside me. The driver said he was lost and needed directions. He asked me if I knew where this street was and I shook my head no. Then he kept telling me to come closer to the car because he had a map inside that he wanted me to look at. I took off on my bike to my house and hid in my room for a couple hours.
  17. i remember i was playing on the tennis courts, i was about 13, my little bro was 11 and lil sister was 10.

    Me and my bro were getting over playin tennis so just started packing up and walkin up the road to my home. My lil sis was behind us. all of a sudden some random guy pulled up on a push bike and asked my sister if she was alright, couple seconds later a car pulls up and asks my sister if she wants a ride home. Im about 100m away with my bro, lose my shit and start going fucking mental, throw my racket and start piss bolting and yelling ontop of my lungs towards my sister. The guys bail and my sister was surprised and a lil cranky asking what my deal was as the guys were 'nice' and 'friendly'. Im like farkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you dumb bitch, dont you ever talk to randoms or il start fucking stabbing people... Sister was heaps freaked out yet my parents played it cool im like wtf. That aint cool. Tell her she nearly got fucking kidnapped.
  18. Haha gj got milk!

    I hid from strangers or looked away. My parents told me if they aint family there enemy.

    Im sicilian tho.

  19. Nope people really do that all the time. You can convince someone they did something in the past and they will create details to fit the 'memory.'
  20. once when i was like 4 i got lost in a petrol station in belgium :rolleyes:

    belgium being the pedofile capitol of the world, i think you can guess the levels of stress my parents went through

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