i think i topped too early need experienced help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tkgizzle91, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I think I topped too early need help. My growth is stunned. What should I do????...

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  2. It'll grow, just give it an extra couple weeks of veg time.
  3. TK, here's the formula I use for topping / training:

    The first set of leaves are "false" leaves (little round things); ignore these.
    Count the first set of true leaves as node #1, next set node # 2, etc.
    Once the plant is 4 to 5 nodes high, cut ONE leaf off node # 2. Wait a day or two, then rotate clockwise around the plant from where the first leaf was removed, and cut one leaf off node # 3. Wait a day or two, rotate clockwise again, and cut one node off node # 4. Rotate & repeat for node # 5. Skip node 6 completely.
    When the 7th node is opening above the 6th node, top it. Try your best not to damage the junction of leaves and trunk at node # 6. Within 1-3 days you should see two new main branches forming at node # 7, & you have succeeded.
    Timing - if the plant is growing vigorously you can do two, even three nodes at one time. I always like to have at least one good node above the one I am cutting to avoid weakening the plant.

    This type of training in conjunction with topping encourages the plant to develop strong side branches much more vigorously at each node. The result is a thing of beauty. Every time I have NOT done this, I've ended up with sticks with poor side branching. There are other techniques you can try as you gain experience - super cropping, FIM, etc. But this one will get you on your way.

    BTW, this is the only time you should need to leaf prune a plant. Once the vigorous side branching develops you're off to the races.

    Hope this helps, bestaluck to ya.
  4. Im going to try that thanx for the advice.
  5. The dudes right it was a little early but it should come around. Hope it works out for u :)
  6. umm...in the pics it looks like you are trying to lst...but you are holding down leafs? you should be bending the stalk down like so..[​IMG] so that the plant can kinda curve back up...

    the way u got it them leafs pointed down and they dont look like they are getting to much light.(also wht kind of lighting are you using and how close)
  7. Well I have two cfls right now and their about 2in away

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