I think i sh!t gold bricks.

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  1. i harvested today - i'll try to get some pics later tonight. unfortunately, i didn't have time to take a picture of it while still in the ground due to the weather. i just barely made it before the rain.
  2. These aren't going to produce anything but shawag sorry...
  3. Why is every one harsh-in his gig? I've seen plants look like death, and produce good results, and you should know as a smoker that sometimes it looks like shit, but will make you shit your self!
  4. Well, i had to harvest two early. One was pretty much garbage due to bugs. Ones ive never seen before. Idk, they seemed to latch onto the stems not the buds or whatnot... but anyway i fumigated a room with it in it, then made hash out of it >.<
    Another one snapped in two due to a bad storm while i was out of town. Bitch is, it was tied up. A heavy branch fell on it. No luck.
    Anyway, these were my learning bag seeds. What i recently harvested doesn;t look great, but I'm amazed at the taste and potency for me not knowing what i was doing. Now I'm on some kush and shiva with a little time under my belt. Here's an older pic of one of the kush plants. MUCH better genetics. This was around 2-3 weeks of flower. They're at about 5-6 now.

  5. that last pick is beautiful. the veins of the leaves are so defined and fluorescent. i bet that plant will produce a good amount
  6. I'm hoping so! She's one of 6 clones than not only lives but thrived! My Granddaddy purp is taking soooo long to sex though.

    I checked the trichs of the kush earlier... lil over half milky and sticky as the molasses they get :smoke:
  7. haha nice bro, i've had many of those ocassions, hell a cop lives 3 doors down, and my 4ft Sativa is just chillin outside, about to harvest soon.

    everytime i turn my corner, i fear to see the Cops, or DEA chillin in my driveway (back when i grew indoors)

    also, here in oklahoma it can be LIFE in jail for any number of plants.
  8. these last plants are beautiful. Those six foot plants however were just downright embarrassing.
  9. Lol yeah. You can tell my "first" attempt and my "i get the idea now" attempt
    6 footers - outdoors full season in buckets. Bad idea.

    The kush, cloned veg'd two weeks after root, some topped, fimmed, ect. And right into flower. Much better ^.^
  10. lol was staying with an old school friend once and her 13 yr old son got the shit with me and called cops luckily i knew the copper in question ( hes a smoker ) he just laughed at him and had a pipe or two with me

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