I think I screwed up..

Discussion in 'General' started by Sariasmiles, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. I've always been a person who's tried to put my best foot forward work ethic wise whether that be in school or just in life. That's why today feels like such a mess.

    About two days ago I decided it would be ok if I had a little bit of weed before I slept, for as of the past few weeks there's never been any issues from it.. Duly noted I've only started to really smoke every week or so in the past month.

    Upon arriving to work on Monday, I was having severe panic attacks to a point where I could barely function at my job that day. I was lucky enough the coworker I worked with wasn't there That day and was hoping that by Tuesday it would turn out okay..

    Tuesday comes around, I feel like its really hard to talk still and function. It's to a point where even though I'm getting my job done, one person points out in front of a bunch of people I seem like I'm paranoid from weed.. I even wonder how much my coworker saw.. I think I screwed my life up.
  2. Maybe lay off the weed for a while, seems like theres other issues. If youre panicky 2 days later its def not the weed
  3. I definitely will be doing that.. I guess my biggest concern is what to tell my boss If he brings it up. I've been working here for about 3 months now, with this being a job in my field, and have always had a professional attitude, so I'm worried with this being my first job and all, I'm really blowing it. I've always been so careful with most kinds of usage and I thought since I did 2nd shift I'd have no problems with any kind of hangover.. Honestly just feel rotten.
  4. The guy made a joke. He doesn't know shit and therefore can't say shit.
  5. "I do say! How dare thee toss out such accusations in light of the growing situation!"

    Hide the weed.:coolalt:
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  6. You'll be ok. If you do not already, start exercising. Get a good sweat out and get a good nights sleep w/o smoking. Put on some relaxing music if needed, read a book on something which interests you, talk to a friend who is actually good at listening.

    Then, go to work and show those spreadsheets who the man is! (Or whatever your work entails)

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  7. Talk to a doctor, you need xanax or clonopin, not every day, that would get you into drug addiction, but a small amount every now and again if you have a panic attack. My mom gets very bad panic attacks, which are actually less frequent when she smokes more, but the only thing that helps is a clonopin. The panic attacks aren't from the weed if it's still happening 2 days later, but it can be brought on by weed in some people. Smoke weed in a better situation, go on a hike with some friends or around a fire, somewhere with good vibes. Grab a guitar and some drums and have at it.

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