i think i pay more for weed than anyone on grasscity lmao

Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Jan 27, 2014.

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    i understand for people that live in ca or whatever
    but if you live on the beast coast, how did you find your connect? 
    i usually pay around $350 for an ounce, it seems like everyone on gc pays less than 250. wtf.

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    Nah some people living in remote alaska, or some remote areas in other countries I've seen are paying crazzy high prices.
    And I live on the east coast as well... 200-250 an o seems to be the norm now. When I used to buy bud, it was like $450 for a single ounce around here... pounds were like 5.5-6k.
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    Nope it's 350 a ounce in lots of parts of Australia. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. To be fair, Australia has very high price (almost the same cost as remote USA)..... at $350 and ounce.....
    And apparently (on a per gram basis), were only the second most expensive country (just after Japan) to buy weed overall. Aust is $20 per gram and japan is $50 per gram
  5. This is true, prices are ludicrous here compared to other countries. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. East coast and I'm paying about 300 for an ounce Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. ~$280 an Oz in NY. Met most of my connects at parties.
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    Nope, $340-360 was the cheapest I've ever purchased an ounce. I've turned down several guys that were trying to squeeze $380-400. Shit's fucking ridiculous. So I grow my own. For much less than the cost of an ounce over here, I can get seeds, soil, and a grow set up of my own. 
  9. why are there so many australians on this site?
  10. Ouch that's rough dude.
  11. Try living in a ski resort ! I lived in Méribel in France and used to pay €50 for about 2.8g You don't really have a choice if you wana blaze not many dealers on the top of a mountainSent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dude, people sell ounces in the UK for £280, which is like $460. To be fair, no one buys them for £280 but decent bud goes for £250 which is still an insane price compared to the US.
  13. Nevada from a dispensary is about 300-350 for top shelf usually $320 .. Cali is way cheaper. p.s. I love Australians :)Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    I pay $75 a half for decent mids. And $150 for the exo's. I prefer the mids myself, I only get a g of the exo at a time, and that is only if I can smell it before he pulls in to my driveway.
      As for how to find a connect? Go to a bar...and talk to people. And don't be afraid to talk about cannabis. Most people want to blaze with you first, but a good dealer can spot a good customer, and they won't let you get away. Cops always want stupid shit...."Yo waddup man....Let me get $37 dollas worth yo".......Fuck off officer!
  15. even in cali dispensaries an ounce can easily be 350 for the best of the best. not that cheap if you ask  me
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    In California, I buy at between $4 and $12 depending on the strain, ($4 = the 4th of July sale at the local dispensary- 1st gram.  :yay: ) - but that is just for a new flavor. I grow my own, under CFLs for about $20 per ounce.  We use around a couple ounces per month, and the extra power runs about $35 per month. :smoke:
    Find some seeds, dudes! What you spend on an ounce is more than I spent on my original set-up! :eek:
    And realistically, if you are living on your own, when was the last time anyone looked in your back closet! If you pick a strain with an "air-freshener" scent (Pine Tar Kush, Lemon Cleaner, etc),it is easier to disguise the scent! ;)
  17. Haha $140-$220 and the 140 stuff is still really good, vapes so well(Canada).  $350 an ounce, thats $12.50 a gram, thats like paying more for a gram because I wanted a bulk order. I do know of people that have payed $20 a gram but thats because of a bad location, so 12.50 is decent. FUCk i had a hard time using the Fucking $ thing.... I would pay 12.50 for a gram, its not ideal but I think its still worth it at that point. Its like If I was going to a store to get chocolate milk and it wasnt on sale I wouldnt feel bad paying an extra .99 cents because its still worth it.

  18. Grow my own, but if I do buy it's usually 275 an oz.
  19. $350 an ounce?  Why on earth would you not grow your own at those prices?
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    Almost 1/4 of the country does on a single ounce.

    So many Cali kids don't understand the East Coast weed game.

    I don't grow because I live in an apartment complex and can't afford the lighting nor do I have the space.

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