I think i need to stop smoking

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  1. So lately ive come to the conclusion that im addicted to cannabis, i was an occasional smoker till my drinking got out of hand and i discovered i was an alcoholic like my dad so i stopped drinking and started smoking
    its been four years now and its been good for awhile and ive managed to be moderatly successful now im in college and ive been questioning my entire choice in college and what im doing with my life and ive basicly based where ive gone to school off smoking i enjoy school but i question what im doing here, i have bad highschool grades so i went to art school since art and music are the only things that ive been decent at in my life other then drugs and dealing (i know this is messed up but drugs have consumed me)

    ive been looking for a job but i cant find one and with my work load from school i dont have alot of free time and with all the time i spend smoking it eats up the rest and thats the problem if u put and ounce in front of me im gonna smoke it till its gone i smoke 1-2 grams of high grade medical marijuana aday but i dont even get that high and i only enjoy smoking alone and only occasionally do i enjoy smoking with others

    ive been living off my parents trust fund they gave me to college they know i smoke and are sort of ok with it they would rather have me smoke then drink but they would rather have me do nothing at all

    the other thing is ive lost all meaning to life i just feel terrible all the timeabout all the choices i have made and what ive done to my family ive tryed to fix shit but most of them have stopped caring about me and im never happy unless im high i enjoy the art im doing but at the same time i just have been questioning it

    i think i need to get sober and rethink my life im just so depressed when im sober i love cannabis and being high and the culture that comes with smokeing i have also gained a lot of experience and insight into the world i just cant control my smoking
    i can be succesful and function when stoned its just alot of the time im irresponsible and just want to get high and be alone, so far this semster im getting As and Bs, but im at the point where i dont even want todo the work for two of my classes cause i hate them and the teachers and i just dont see the point if im not enjoying it im not gonna try but i need to take the classes so i dont have a choice

    i dont know im just losing my mind and need insight I can be successful and smoke i just have been losing control more and more

    im going to attempt to stop once i run out which will be in the next week or so but im on medical for legitamit ( spelling ?) reasons so its not hard for me to get more tree and all the people i know smoke so its going to really hard but im going to try and do it but until all my trees are gone there is no way i can try
  2. try to find things to do in your spare time. i found that when i started downloading programs from torrent sites i was to distracted to smoke weed. like xbox 360, >>mixcraft<< you can make your own beats and it is tight as hell. but you seem to be busy with homework. so try to find interest in the subjects you are taking. if you find common ground you may not be too lazy to do the homework.
  3. It's all good just take a quick breather and you should be good. Life gets BETTER.
  4. so instead of smoking you're fine being an alcoholic ? ok then
  5. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCIGp1uJmBE"]YouTube - rehab[/ame]
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    you need to remember that there is absolutely no physical addictive properties in marijuana. Any addiction you have is completely mental. All you need to do is say "I am not going to smoke a single puff of marijuana for one month." Stick with it. No matter what you do stick with it, and tell your friends. If there good friends, they will support you.

    Don't get drunk any every night either. Drinking will become a crutch and alcohol DOES have physical addictive properties in it. have a few beers every now and then, but you know, don't say "I'm not smokin, so I'm gonna get plastered every night to make up for it." Thats worse than not smokin in the first place.

    Try not to go to any events that involve smoking and stuff. If you hang with your friends, play video games instead. If they want to burn, tell them to do it after or before. Unless you think you can handle being in a smoking circle while your staying clean.

    Trust me man. Mary Jane is your friend. She wants no harm on you whatsoever. If you think that you need to take it easy for a little bit, she'll be chill with it :)
  7. I have friends that feel that way, they quit weed, then there out at the local bar every night cause there not smokin. Does that make any sense? No.

    I had the same feeling when i was right out of highschool and into a community college. What worked for me is not buying any weed. Smoking with my friends when they had it and also when i bought weed i would only smoke at night or on the weekends.
    Currently im back smoking when i wake up and all through the day. I really dont get "High" i just feel kinda normal. Everyone is different.
    I also never had a trust fund so i always have to work.
    I hate Rx drugs, but in college a few of my friends got prescripted to Adderall. I HATE ADDERALL but it does the job.
  8. youre lucky you have a trust fund, dude...

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