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I think I need Rehab " Hello my name is Hashmouf and I am a GC addict"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hashmouf, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. This was supposed to be my 1000th post thread, but I was so loaded while surfing the forums I went a couple over the 1000 mark so fuck it. Post 1002 in less then 2 months I think I have GrassCity addiction. I log in at least five days a week average 13 posts a day, whenever I am near a computer do I check Myspace, fuuuuuck NO I see whats goin' on at GC !!!! So this is my confession of a Seasoned Toker with a serious habit. :smoking:
  2. I have a secret. When I first joined, my post count used to be 18 or so a day. I've gone months without posting and I still have a count of 5 a day. So don't feel so bad. :D
  3. GC is a hell of a drug :D
  4. word.
  5. You'll go through stages, probably.

    As long as people are saying constructive things, I don't really care how often the post.
  6. Hmm. Youve been here for such a short time and youve beat my post count to hell. I can only say "damn that looks dank" so many times.

    :p congrats
  7. It really is lol.
  8. gc is a drug, im on here way too much. but its all good, i'm on here way more than my post count would indicate. Sometimes i just chill and dont post.
  9. Hello,
    They call me Phoenix Pharmer...

    And I'm an addict.
  10. Yeah, gotta have that GC when I wake up, or when I see an unattended computer, or at work, or... well you get it.

  11. damn that looks dank
  12. definitely Im always checking gc
  13. *stands up*

    Hello, my name is mushroomsatsujin, and I am a GC addict.
  14. Yeah Im always on here everyday to check posts and post some comments and argue and have a good time reading some hilarious stoner posts.

    I love the city :smoke:

    Ive been a member since the begining of December of 07' and I got like 1185 posts .
  15. I'm so addicted they made me a mod :laughing:
  16. everytime i go on a t-break i go on the city a lot more. it helps me get through it easier. so this is my thank you to all you guys for posting your funny stories and interesting ones. +++ rep to all of you guys.
  17. They need to develop a methadone like solution,

    Used to ease the withdrawls which occor frequently in the average GC Addict.
  18. Lol.. I'm up for the solution haha... but seriously GC is a hell:smoke:f a drug!!
  19. Lol look at me :smoke:

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